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What is meant by euthanasia?

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Banu Thuraisingam 11D 11/11/2004 Euthanasia Euthanasia is the act of killing someone painlessly generally if the person is terminally ill. Thus if you want to die you can request it and it would be done. Many people who tried to kill themselves are stopped by others. Most of them go to counseling and lead better lives. If they had been euthanized or assisted to die they would have never had that chance. A study proves that 886 people that are rescued from attempted suicides found that five years later a mere 3.84 percent went on to kill themselves. Therefore what kind of world would this be if voluntary euthanasia was legalized? There are two sides to this issue pro-life and pro-choice. The main organizations which are pro-life are mostly due to religious reasons. No where in any religious text does it approve of killing. Almost all religions with a supreme God have a command in their holy books saying that one should not kill. ...read more.


Muslims believe that by shortening a human's life they have interfered with God's plan for that individual. In the Qur'an it says "No person can ever die except by Allah's leave and at an appointed term." Thus when people say that by knowing that they could leave this world any moment it gives them comfort, it clearly contradicts the religious beliefs. Hinduism and Buddhism both believe in Karma. They believe that we are reincarnated continuously until we escape the cycle. When we are re-born what we are re-born as depends on our Karma which is the good and bad deeds done in the previous life. By shortening life, it gets in the way of the laws of karma thus interfering with the journey to become few of this cycle. They also believe in ahimsa which is the law not to harm anything with a life. This obviously rules out killing of a human life for any reason. This plays a part in your karma as well. ...read more.


How can one possibly justify that as dignified death? Research shows that the majority of people with illnesses or disabilities are perfectly capable of committing suicide by the same means employed by other people. People may argue that the patients could be physically unable to commit suicide but on the other hand they can refuse food or treatment which would be equally as effective and is not against the law. My personal opinion is that if they are capable of making the decision, then they can find a way of killing themselves. People who argue that the government has not right to make people suffer by implementing laws that say euthanasia is illegal are clearly mislead. If you want to die you can, suicide is not against the law. At the same time why should the government have the right to give power to a group of people to kill others? The laws against euthanasia are logical and are in place to protect people from corrupt doctors and others. They are not intended to make anyone suffer as people claim. ...read more.

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