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What is meant by the term miracle(TM)?

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What is meant by the term 'miracle'? There is no one accepted definition of the word miracle because there are so many. The most widely used definition of a miracle came from David Hume who stated that a miracle is: "A transgression of a law of nature by a particular violation of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent", or as the dictionary puts it; 'An event due to supernatural agency, a remarkable event'. Throughout the Bible, miracles are used by God (and Jesus) to visually represent and reveal His divine power and authority over man and nature from time to time. ...read more.


In the Bible miracles were when God interfered, and helped reveal the true nature of God and more specifically Jesus. For example, in Luke's gospel when Jesus feeds the five thousand with fish and bread or when he clams the storm-the laws of nature were overcome. People, who don't believe that God was actually interacting with the world, may simply say that events like these were just coincidence, so they think miracles are just luck. However we have to accept that our knowledge is incomplete, therefore what may appear to be a miracle may simply just be outside our knowledge, so the definition of a miracle to some is; 'something that is outside our knowledge'. ...read more.


Some can say having the technology to save lives is a miracle because to some giving life is miraculous. But then the people amongst us that believe in coincidence may say "What about all the people who weren't healed, why didn't God carry out a miracle on them?" Some people can see miracles as simply everyday events such as marriage seeing as they are enjoyable and spectacular. Our existence is a miracle too some, we can't explain why we are here but the universe including Earth and life is spectacular so to me anything that is spectacular is miraculous. People can, in other words, interpret miracles in different ways, a divine interpretation or just something unusual that happened which they have not seen before. Things that can't be explained by science are sometimes seen as a miracle. Charly Torrance ...read more.

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