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What is meant by the term abortion?

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Abortion Introduction In this coursework I will be covering three main points on abortion. I will be looking at what is meant by abortion and the Christian teachings used in a discussion about abortion. How Christians respond to the question of abortion and I will also be asking the question, Is abortion ever justified? When dealing with abortion you are not just thinking of the life or death of the foetus but the wellbeing of the mother and the potential dangers to her. There is also the question as to if it is always necessary and if there is anything else that can be considered. This is why abortion is such a controversial issue because you are dealing with the life of a potential human being and because of the society we live in which consists of many different cultures and religious denominations. Each one of them hold their own unique view on the matter and each of them eager to get their point across. Every religion has influenced our understanding of abortion in many ways making it such a complex issue with no definite right or wrong answer. A.1 What is meant by the term abortion? Abortion is the removal of a baby from the womb before it has developed enough to survive, this can be performed either naturally by miscarriage due to a hormonal imbalance or artificial through an operation. The Development of the foetus * By the third week of pregnancy the heart starts to beat regularly. * By the fourth week, (the usual time for a pregnancy test) legs and arms begin to form. * By the sixth week bones appear and muscle reflexes are present. * By the seventh week fingers, thumbs, toes, milk teeth and ears are all complete and brain waves can be recorded. * By the eighth week all the major organs are function: liver, stomach, heart, kidneys and brain. ...read more.


Abortion is only allowed up to birth if there is serious risk of grave permanent damage (physical or mental) to the mother or of serious abnormality in the child. Why have abortions? I believe that the destruction of a foetus should only occur in the most relevant situations, not for example if the mother is at the peak of her career. I strongly believe that the mother should have the right to choose to have an abortion if she has been raped. Although some may think that the baby wasn't the person that inflicted the cruelty unto the mother, in the back of her mind she may always have this fragment of hatred towards the child which may develop into mental problems. In some cases there may be an opposite response as to where a woman is actually happy she had the child as it made her a stronger person. Another situation where abortion should be allowed is when the mother has a terminal illness and the baby may kill her or cause her torturing pain. This situation is like one I read in the newspaper. A woman who had cancer and pregnant had to undergo great amounts of pain and despite being offered pain killers which may have damaged her unborn child she dealt with the pain and agony just to keep her child alive. She then died hours after giving birth. In this situation I would think that it should be all right for the mother to have an abortion if it would mean that her life would be saved. I also believe that in the event of a teenage pregnancy the abortion of the foetus should be granted because the child is still young and a baby can not look after a baby. In addition, it could cause her great emotional distress, as she will be confused as what to do in her situation. ...read more.


Some people may argue that there are other alternative such as giving the child up for adoption or fostering it until they are stable enough to uphold the responsibility of looking after a child. This is correct but there are a lot of emotional problems linked with adoption like knowing that your child is somewhere out there not knowing what they are doing and calling someone else "mother". This is also the same case with having the child fostered. Although this may seem to be the best decision to make it is in fact very hard to regain contact with your child after you have given it up to be fostered. This is because you have to prove that you are stable enough to take the child back. Like everything in this world you are taking a risk when you decide to have an abortion. You run the risk of serious infection that may in the long term leave you unable to conceive or it will make you prone to natural miscarriages in the future when you are ready to have a child. Conclusion After considering both Christian and non-Christian views I have come to the conclusion that no matter which way you try look at the issue abortion can be justified. It is right in certain circumstances such as a teenage pregnancy where the child is not fit or mature enough to be a mother; or rape where the woman's consent wasn't given. In addition, when the child may be born with severe abnormalities and may face rejection or be rejected by society; or if the life of the mother is at risk as a result of the child being born. However, I still believe that abortion should not be given consent in circumstances such as a woman wishing to pursue her career or as a form of contraception. I disagree with these sorts of reasons for the simple fact that they are narrow-minded and do not consider the life of the child and only the future of the woman. 9 1 ...read more.

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