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What is meant by the word Abortion

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1a) What is meant by the word abortion? Abortion has many definitions. For the Dictionary definition, it means an operation to remove an unborn child from the womb before it has developed to survive. (Dictionary: oxford pocket school dictionary - abortion) in simple, abortion means the ending of a pregnancy. The procured abortion is deliberately abortion and the spontaneous abortion is an accident and the spontaneous abortion normally called a miscarriage. Now I am going to say about the law against abortion in UK and the Catholics Teachings of abortion. These teaching and the law are about the procured abortion. Before 1967 abortion was illegal in the U.K. The Abortion Act was introduced in the U.K. to put an end on this once and for all in 1967. It made abortion legal in these circumstances when it is perform before 28th week of pregnancy, but it changes to 24th week since 1990 because of advanced medical care. ...read more.


As I said before, Church is not allowed abortion in any circumstances. In Exodus 20:13, it said "You shall not murder." You can't murder anyone even an unborn baby. In CCC (Catechism of Catholic Church) 2270, "Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception" It means once when it is conception taken place, it is already a human life. In CCC2274, Prenatal diagnosis is morally licit, "If it respects the life and integrity of the embryo and the human foetus and is directed toward its safe guarding or healing as an individual....." It means that you can do anything that to see how the baby is growing in the mother's womb such as medial scan. The only rule is as long as the body isn't being aborted. In CCC 2271, "Since the first century has affirmed the moral of every procured abortion. ...read more.


It means if you have an abortion you won't have the communion in mass because it is a crime from the point of the church and so you aren't following the Catholic teaching. There is one thing called "Double effect". For example, if you are a doctor who do not believe an abortion is a right thing. But as the position of doctor, you still need to help a pregnant woman to have an abortion operation because of some medical reasons that it need to be have an abortion to save the woman's life even you don't think abortion is a correct thing. The doctor hasn't performed the abortion; he has just saved the woman's life. The "Good Effect" is you help the woman to save her life but the "Bad Effect" is you are doing the thing which you don't want to... Generally, all of the quotes from the CCC and bible are against abortion because Church treats abortion as a serious matter and it is not allowed in any circumstances. ...read more.

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