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What is meant by the word abortion?

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Abortion What is meant by the word abortion? The dictionary's definition of abortion is " Loss or removal of a foetus from the womb before it has developed enough to survive." There are two types of abortion spontaneous and Induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion is where a woman expels the contents of her uterus because her body recognises that there is something wrong with her pregnancy. There are many reasons for spontaneous abortion or miscarriages and some of the reasons are abnormal development of the embryo or placental tissue or both or even hormone deficiencies. Spontaneous abortion may also happen because of abnormalities with the mother such as infectious diseases or systemic diseases like diabetes. Spontaneous abortion may result in the expulsion of only part of the contents of the uterus not all, or the embryo may die and remain in the uterus for several weeks or sometimes months. When spontaneous abortion does occur the uterus has to be checked after so that no embryonic or placental tissue still remain and if there is it has to be removed in order to avoid irritation or infection of the uterus lining. ...read more.


The Church of Scotland's view is that abortion has no moral justification and represents the unwarranted destruction of human life that is made in the image of God but the Church of Scotland's Board of Social Responsibility recommend that abortion should be allowed "On the grounds that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve serious risk to the life or present great danger to the health, whether mental or physical to the pregnant woman." The Protestant Church though does not seem to have such a strong view on abortion. The Protestant Church states that abortion is undesirable but that abortion could be acceptable in some circumstances but it is not particularly clear what these circumstances are so it is difficult to understand whether the Protestant Church supports or condemns abortion their guidelines aren't clear. All these teachings could be used on a discussion about abortion, most condemn abortion but some feel that abortion can be allowed and justified in circumstances like rape. Explain how Christians may respond to the question of abortion All Christians believe that God created mankind and that life should be protected, but not all Christians take the same viewpoint on abortion. ...read more.


This was the main reason for the 1967 Abortion act being introduced to prevent this from happening. I do think though that having an abortion because of foetal abnormalities cannot be justified because I think this encourages discrimination against the disabled. If the foetus is so disabled that it would die soon after birth then maybe it could be justified as having a baby that would die after giving birth to it would be very traumatic, but if it were a slight disability then a woman shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion just because she doesn't have a perfect child. There are no Biblical teachings that justify abortion and I can agree with some of them for example 1 Corinthians "You are God's temple and God's spirit lives in you! So if anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him for God's temple is holy, and you yourself are his temple." I believe that your body is a temple and that you shouldn't destroy what you house in it. So overall I do believe that abortion can be justified as I believe a woman has the right to an abortion if she so wishes. ...read more.

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