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What is meant by the word abortion?

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ABORTION Introduction The purpose of this essay is to define the meaning of abortion. Within the first section of my essay, I will discuss the legal information for the United Kingdom and talk about the medical information and clinical methods. I will also point out a few facts from the bible about abortion, talk about the pro-life and pro-choice organisations and explain the different denominations' beliefs. In the second part of my essay I will explain how Christians put their beliefs into action, I'll show and explain examples of obedience and revolt from the church teachings, I'll describe some actions Christians have already done about Abortion and I'll explain some hard-choice cases. In the third part of my essay, I will discuss 'Abortion is never justified'; I'll give my opinions and back them up with evidence both from and not from biblical records. What is meant by the word abortion? The dictionary definition for abortion is 1.a Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a foetus that is incapable of survival. b. Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion. Also called induced abortion and direct abortion. 2.The premature expulsion of a nonviable foetus from the uterus; a miscarriage. Also called an indirect abortion. Pro-choice Christians believe abortion is 'premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb.' This saying mentions nothing of death, of the mother's torment of the consequences of the abortion. Instead, it talks of a foetus, not a child and contrary to the facts makes abortion sound like there's nothing to it. However untrue this statement is to the emotional side of abortion, it does explain what abortion is and maybe the lack of emotional reality is meant as compassion for pregnant woman who are about to get an abortion. Pro-life Christians believe abortion is 'the killing of the most innocent of human beings before birth.' ...read more.


Modern Church teachings In all churches there is never a complete agreement when it comes to abortion or when it comes to the beginning of human life. The Baptist Union of Great Britain believe that sometimes abortion can be the least of two evils. For example, when the life of the mother is at stake and she has made relationships with others that would be grievously disturbed if she died, whereas the foetus has not. The protagonists defend either the 'rights' of the foetus or the 'rights' of the mother to do what she likes with her body. Most Baptist favour restriction to abortion even though it is legal in the UK and they believe that the age of the foetus at which it is aborted should be brought down. The Roman Catholic Church believes ensoulment occurs at the time of conception. However Thomas Aquinas said that boys got their soul at 40 days and girls at 90 days. The Roman Catholic Church also doesn't believe that abortion can be justified, they believe that the natural law states that once a woman becomes pregnant she should continue with it. The Protestant church thinks that there are certain situations where abortion is unavoidable - the choice between two evils e.g. a younger woman might not be able to love her child as the child should be, because the child brings limits to her own life - education, love, friendships. Nonetheless, all Christian churches accept abortion when the mother's life is at stake. Roman Catholics recommend adoption in hard-choice cases and they believe that God gives life so it is sacred 'created in the image of God' The Methodist Church believes that life doesn't begin until the baby has a chance to survive on its own without the mother. Think abortion is wrong but can be justified. Explain how Christians might put beliefs into action Obedience to teachings of denomination or revolt from teachings in actual practice. ...read more.


The bible's old testament is all made out of Jewish scriptures so this is relevant to this argument. Nonetheless, the Jewish argument is rather extraneous when you contemplate the foetus' right to life, but then you could consider that the mother also has a right to life and if there was such a drastic choice as either her life or the child's life I believe that the child's life should be saved over the mothers, this is because the mother has had more of a life than the child. My point of view of when a foetus gains human rights is at conception and will continue to develop and grow for at least twenty years, not nine months. When it comes to abortion, more often than not, the mother sustains a blind hatred for the foetus growing inside her, this is because the mother knows of the mental consequences of abortion for her and tries to distance herself from herself effectively. The mother cannot blame the foetus for using the resources from her body and being in her body because that was a choice she made before having sexual intercourse. This is of course unless she was raped, but this in itself is just like an abortion. The rape is the harming of an innocent woman whereas the abortion is the harming of an innocent child. Both of these are violent acts done in response to obscure and difficult situations and both harshly victimise the innocent. As terrible as it is for the raped mother, isn't it even worse for the act to be taken out on the child? Instead of the mother seeing the child as the outcome, a simple product, from the incident, she should see the child as a reminder of how she managed to get through the ordeal. Of course this is extremely hard but at the end of the day a child is a child, whatever the situation at the scene of his/her conception. ...read more.

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