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What is Racism?

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Racism Coursework - Religious Education What is Racism? Racism is thinking you're better than other races. It is prejudice when a person treats someone as an inferior because they have a different skin colour, culture, religion or nationality. It can be physically attacking people and giving them verbal abuse or even turning them down for jobs purely based on the features above and this is illegal. The definition of Racism from the Pocket Oxford Collins dictionary states: "Racism is defined as the hatred, rivalry or bad feeling between races". The dictionary then says that racism is "the belief in the inherent superiority". The oxford mini-dictionary states that racism is "belief in the superiority of a particular race; antagonism between races; the theory that human abilities are determined by race". This is a very clear description of racism and shows how many different forms it takes. Basically Racism is the prejudice and persecution of different ethnic backgrounds. In fact, skin colour is no more genetically important than all the other differences; it's just more obvious. Many people all have different views on what exactly racism is. Racism, despite efforts to completely abolish it occurs all around us all the time. Racist attacks happen all over Britain and despite the propaganda and anti-racism schemes we are quite powerless to end it completely. Racism has not just suddenly started, it began a long time ago, when the native tribes of Africa and the Caribbean were discovered and thought inferior because their world was not as developed as ours was, the slave trade was formed. ...read more.


He led many processions and sit inn's until Black and other ethnic minorities were accepted as equals in society. This is a very influential teaching as it shows that if you believe in a cause that much, then it is possible to make it true. This was his dream and it came true for him in the end until he was assassinated in Washington. How might Christians respond to Racism? The actions of Christians such as Martin Luther King and Desmond Tutu that have led to great changes in the world perceived racism. It is their actions that have meant laws, that otherwise would never have been dreamt of, have been implemented. These people and many others like them fought united side by side for the rights of Blacks and other ethnic minorities in a great attempt to win their freedom. Of course there were not only good responses to racism (this is "good" in my own opinion) as many have based their entire beliefs around supporting it. I am speaking mostly of the Klu Klux Klan who claim to be a Christian society and who are very much against the other race inhabiting their country and being accepted into society at all. Martin Luther King is a very good example of a strong and determined response to racism. His strong beliefs led to his assassination and an entire new way of thinking in the world today. ...read more.


Black people are readily accepted into western society in this day and age. With regard to actual physical violence, not even those completely against people of different races use violence to get their point across. Instead they just have large meetings and events discriminating against that race and burning some of their cultures sacred artefacts and flags. It's their way of having fun and showing what they are against. In particular I am referring to the Klu Klux Klan. Violence as a solution to racism is also the wrong idea because it does not actually get you anywhere. Having a fight with someone because they have racially insulted you will not really make them any less racist towards you. Violence usually causes more racial tension rather than the problem being solved. Those people who really dislike other races or who have a problem with them sharing the same country should also refrain from using violence to discriminate against others. We cannot change their beliefs but they should be withheld to within reason. I believe that none of the situations were ever resolved whereas many of the non-violence situations were resolved and the racial tension has all but completely died in these areas. This is quite good proof that violence really is not an appropriate to racism. Violence does more harm than good yet it is still one of the most common responses to racism because it is the most simple and it is anger influenced. Violence is wrong! Charles Hunter 11A - Religious Education Coursework - Racism ...read more.

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