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What Is the “Abortion Debate”.

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WHAT IS THE "ABORTION DEBATE" How do Christians involve themselves in it? Here are some points to consider: is the zygote inside the women a human, if so when does it become one? The "abortion debate" is a discussion that people have, arguing for or against abortion. There are many issues, whether the baby inside the women is human? If it is considered as human then why is it killed by abortion? It's murder. A baby should have the same human rights as any other human. But obviously if it was considered to be human it wouldn't be destroyed (aborted). There are various opinions as to when the embryo is considered to be human. ...read more.


The problem is that different people believe different things. People believe that the embryo is a human at conception because everyone has DNA, which is unique, and this is formed at the moment of conception. The scientific view is that as soon as you can identify the embryo then its thought of as a human. According to the religious traditions, we are all unique because we are made by god and life is a special gift. At the moment of conception the egg is fertilised, this is not always thought of as a human being, but as a couple of cells that have the potential to become a human. Many people rely on sacred text or religious leaders to decide whether the baby is human. ...read more.


This was where many abortions before 1967 took place. Thousands of women came to these clinics and a lot of them suffered permanent illness as a result of having an abortion and some women even died. So to stop these illegal abortions and people suffering, the Abortion Act was brought out in England, Wales and Scotland in 1967. This option was only meant to be used in some situations. Therefore, the state does not think of the unborn embryo as a human but as a collection of cells. Otherwise, the doctors would be charged with murder every time they performed an abortion. If this were the case, there would be many abortion doctors in jail for mass murders on babies. So obviously if they did consider an unborn embryo as human, it would give it rights as all humans have. ...read more.

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