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What Jesus' first disciples understood from Mark about Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of God and for Christians today

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R.E Coursework In this essay I will be talking about the kingdom of god. I will be looking at what Jesus' first disciples understood from Mark about Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of God and for Christians today. In the second half of this essay I will speak about the arguments involving the statement "The church is the Kingdom of God". We need to establish through this piece of coursework how the disciples heard Jesus' teachings and how we translate their teachings today. We need to establish what the Kingdom of God meant to the disciples and what it means to us, as Christians today. We know that the kingdom is not a place, although neither is the reign or rule of god over our minds and hearts. The royal family ruled the kingdom up until 600 BC when the Babylonians took over the empire and killed the king; no one was ruler other than the Babylonians. They destroyed Jerusalem and left the Royals for dead. The Babylonians used the Kings family and the Jews as slaves, they worked for nothing. While the Jews were slaves, they wrote stories, a particular one was the suffering servant written by Isaiah. At this point (the reign of the Babylonians) people wanted a Military Messiah - which Jesus was not. The Persians decided that Jews should be sent back to their own towns or have paid jobs. ...read more.


This gives you the meaning that the first seeds are like people who hear the good news of the gospel but do not take it in and accept it. The second group of seeds are the same but do take it in but only for a while then loose it and forget about it. The final group of seeds do accept the good news and carry out the workings of the gospel in every day life. In the parable of the mustard seed This is where a man took the smallest seed in the world planted it and it became the biggest plant. The small seed is the Christian community of Jesus. In time the community grows and people join in and this is like the birds nesting (in the plant). This parable shows the present and future dimensions. The Parable of the Seed growing Secretly This is a parable about a man who scatters seeds on a field and leaves them to grow. He comes back and sees that they have sprouted and now bare fruit. The soil itself makes the plants grow and first the stalk appears, then the ear, and finally the ear full of corn. When the corn is ripe, the man starts cutting it with his sickle, because harvest time has come. This gives you the meaning that when the man scatters the seeds in the field, which how I perceive it means the Word of God being spoken to others. ...read more.


Jesus follows one of his common forms of teaching words, which seem to contradict each other e.g. "Whoever wants to save his life will lose it". This is made clearer in his next sentence, "But whoever loses his life for me and the gospel will save it". Jesus is reminding us that if we use immoral principles to make our lives better then we must accept that we will lose our space in the Kingdom of God because we have not allowed the ways of god to influence our lives. The idea of the Kingdom of God today is that God runs it. We get into the kingdom of God by following Gods ways and following the commandments. Sometimes there is a large price to pay and some people may have to devote their whole lives to enter. We get into the kingdom of God by following Gods ways and sticking to the commandments. We understand that it is not a place but a state of being, it is inside us, we cannot hear, see or touch it but we know it is there. We know we can not enter unless we let God into our lives. Jesus gives an overall principle when he says to follow me people must forget themselves and accept the difficulties of trying to live to the highest principles. He does talk about the Kingdom of God being seen in a completed form within the lifetime of his listeners. This is a confusing statement because usually Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God finally being completed at the end of time. ...read more.

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