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What your baby will be doing

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(P3) What your baby will be doing; Well your 6 month old baby will be doing a lot of things by now, but there are a few things which you should be beware of, socially your baby will still love you playing with him/her Minett.p. Says, " The baby is beginning to understand how to attract attention E.G. a cough. He/her will learn how to make people do what he/her wants them to do- well at lest on some occasions." Your baby will start to get very physical, so be prepared to be on your feet a lot as your baby will be able to sit alone for long periods. They may also be able to roll over onto their backs. They will be able to reach small objects when offered to them. Your baby emotionally won't change much but will start to show some shyness to strangers! (P7) If your child is not doing all this at 6 months do not worry, as all children are different, and will gradually learn to master these skills. (P4) How YOU can help them to develop these skills; There are a lot of things you can do to help your little one develop; here are a few ideas; Physical development; When your baby is in the baby add some toys, as your baby will enjoy kicking them in the bath. ...read more.


1 Usually, the more solid foods a baby eats, the less breast milk or formula he or she needs, and the easier it will be to wean" You can also give your baby boiled water. (P7) Your baby may need more food than others, your baby may need less food it all depends on your baby's weight and size! Hygiene; Wash your baby first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, you could top and tail your baby! If your baby gets messy or sticky throughout the day also wash the baby then. Always change nappies every four hours, or when you know the baby has a dirty nappy! Make sure you avoid nappy rash! Wash your hands before and after doing your baby's nappy! Always talk to your baby whilst doing his/hers nappies or bathing this should be an enjoyable time for both you and your baby! (P6) Health Your baby's health is the most important thing there are a few things to help prevent anything happening to your baby; * Wash your hands before changing his/her nappy * Wash highchairs after use * Wipe changing mats after your use it and sterilize it * Toys should be sterilized on a regular basis * Any toys that are broke throw away! ...read more.


* If you are worried about leaving your child talk to the carer, so they can reassure you everything is ok, giving as much information to the carer will help them look after your child, if your carer don't know something they may become concerned about something E.G. skin condition (D1) I have mentioned several times to stimulate your baby, this is important for many reasons. When you stimulate your baby your helping his/her development (social, physical and emotional). Also if your baby never got stimulated it would be quite and withdrawn from others. If you never spoke to your baby, and it never heard anybody else talk to him/her, it wouldn't learn to talk, as it wouldn't hear it. Also its helps prevent them getting bored, a toy, a conversation or a play on the play mat will help them not get bored. In your babies first year of life they grow very quickly, so it's a great time to play with toys, as they will learn various stuff. Even though stimulating your baby is important, be careful not to OVER stimulate your baby, Signs of doing this could be them; * Closing eyes * Turning away * Tensing up * Arching back * Avoiding your gaze * Irritable * Body language * ...read more.

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