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Which Civilisation Contribute the Most to the Development of Medicine and Health in Ancient Times

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Which Civilisation Contribute the Most to the Development of Medicine and Health in Ancient Times? Was it the Egyptians, Greeks or Romans? All three of the civilisations named above have contributed immensely to the medicine we practice today and the things we do in modern life to keep healthy. Without any one of these, our understanding of the human body, medicine and health would be very primitive. Some people believe the Egyptians were the first of the three to help further our knowledge into medicine. This is purely because of the fact that they lived before the Greek and Roman Empires, meaning they had enough time to develop theories that I will now show and explain to you. The Egyptians used water transport methods like irrigation to fertilise the land. This created surplus food and crops. This meant that the whole country could be fed fresh food. This obviously helped the Egyptians survive. This excess of food also meant that there needed to be fewer farmers. These people had the tame to be further educated and could think of other things to do. ...read more.


This, they noticed, did not work - but they continued this for many years because of the fear of their God's wrath. After all of this, there was still the problem that their ides weren't developed fully and many mistakes were made; plus the fact that their operations were practised under unhygienic situations. This allowed for many other, more serious illnesses to occur. Another big problem the Egyptians had was that they had no understanding of personal hygiene and also did not eat enough of the necessary foods. It is for these reasons that I do not concur with people who believe the Egyptians cause the breakthroughs in medicine. Other people believe that Greeks gave us the most assistance to develop medicine and health. This is because they had two main contributors, Hippocrates and Galen. Hippocrates was Greek physician born in 460 BCE in the island of Cos, Greece. He studied the effects that each disease took on people, what we would now call the symptoms. He was the first to introduce the idea that illness was caused by rational reasons, not the wrath of God. ...read more.


But there were serious errors in Galen's work. Most of it was right because of his work on the "human" gladiators, but parts were completely incorrect due to the fact that he could only work on pigs and gorillas at one point. Not only was there the input of Galen, but also that fact that Rome had conquered many other countries, meaning that they had a n understanding of all of the little medical advances discovered from every country they took over. They also had practical knowledge of the fact that they can eliminate many diseases from their cities by using running water rather than stagnant water where people drink bathe in, excrete in and drink from. Through a series of well thought-out methods, the Romans build aqueducts. These were giant ramps in which fresh water from a nearby reservoir can e transported continually to the people of the city. The Romans also built underground tunnels - modern day sewers - to dispose of sewage safely and properly. This meant that the Romans had all of the ides of the Egyptians and Greeks, through conquering them, and their own ideas. This is the reason for people, and I, to believe that the Romans contributed the most to the development of medicine ...read more.

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