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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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2. Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? The whitechapel murders attracted so much attention in 1888 due to a serial killer that walked the streets of whitechapel. This serial Killer committed some atrocious and unthinkable crimes. The first unfortunate victim of this mad man was; Number: 1 Name: Mary Anne Nichols Known as: 'Polly' Date of birth: Date of death: 31st August 1888 Age: 42 Laid to rest: Ilford cemetery, 6th sep 1988 Features: 5`2" tall, brown eyes, dark complexion, brown hair turning grey, 5 front teeth missing, small scar on forehead, described as having delicate features with high cheekbones. How killed (wounds): Savagely attacked across the throat , exposing vertebrae, repeatedly stabbed at the stomach, however this murder got little publicity, unlike today. ...read more.


At one time Annie must have seemed secure when she married John Chapman, a coachman in 1869. the couple followed their marriage by having three children but sadly and unfortunately, her first born daughter died of meningitis and her youngest son was crippled. Most likely due to their misfortunes of their children, the couple took to heavy drinking and as a consequence separated. They lived apart for four years during which time Annie received an allowance (money support) from her husband until his death in 1886. Life became much worse after his death, also suffering from depression and alcoholism. Annie never really recovered from the loss of her husband and child and consequently died a homeless prostitute.She was buried in secret. After this murder the media awakens to the series of crimes being committed in the East End. ...read more.


Nicknamed 'Long Liz' by her friends she often prostitutes herself. She was described by associates as "doing a good turn for anybody". 'Long Liz' was to have eight convictions for drunkenness before her fatal appointment with the Ripper. Liz was ready to go out, she left her boarding house at 7.00 on the night of 29 September, approximately six hours later her body was discovered in a narrow yard on Berner Street. Number: 4 Name: Catherine Eddowes Known as: 'Kate' Date of birth: 1842 Date of death: 30th September 1888 Age: 46 Laid to rest: Ilford on 8th Sep 1888 Features: Unknown How Killed (wounds): Liver stabbed as if by a pointy instrument, stab of about an inch on the left groin, the pancreas was cut. Left kidney carefully taken out and removed. Wounds on the face and abdomen prove that inflicted. I believe that she must have been lying down. Information: ...read more.

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