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Why Do Christians Oppose Abortion.

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Why Do Christians Oppose Abortion Abortion, the termination of an unborn child from a pregnant mother, is a topic that which has raged on for hundreds of years. Two sides to the idea exist. Pro-choice groups are for abortion, or the choice of the mother. Pro-life groups are against abortion or for the life of the baby. Yet why is it that pro-life groups are mainly made up of practising Christians? Many Christians oppose abortion because they few unborn babies as humans and therefore view abortion as murder. Strong pro-life activists may believe that life starts as early as conception and views contraceptives such as the pill as abortion. Less strong pro-life people may view the start of life later. ...read more.


Other Christians are for abortion because they believe in the right of the mother. They believe that god made humans free and the mother should be free to choose whether or whether or not she as a baby. They say that the mother should have the choice because the baby will have a massive immediate affect on her life. They argue that women who want abortions would not appreciate a child and that that child would not have a happy life. They also argue that women who have children when they are too young will wreck their entire working life because they would be unable to study and bring up the child and would not make friends or have a social life. ...read more.


There are people who also claim that the Bible supports abortion. They claim that a Law of Moses states that in a miscarriage a human being is not killed and so pre natal children are not people. Overall the entire Christian argument is not for or against abortion, but whether pre-natal children are human or not thus if either one could be proved biblically then the entire argument would almost be resolved as all Christians would be for or against abortion as the main issue of anti abortionists is that a child dies and for pro life supporters, that a pre natal child is not human. This shows that all Christians are against the killing of humans in these circumstances and that the argument is technical. The other arguments for and against abortion are all less religious. ...read more.

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