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why do christians oppose abortion

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Why do many Christians appose abortion? Abortion is when a woman decides she does not want to have her babe. Instead of giving birth the baby is killed inside the mother. The reason of abortion can be one of many. The mother may not be able to cope financially and may think it is best for the baby; if she has been rapped and does not want to have the baby of the man; if the baby will turn out handicapped and may not have a very good life; if the mother's life is at risk if she gives birth. At this point she needs to decide which life she would rather carry on living, either her or her babies, or if getting pregnant in the first place was just a mistake and the woman does not feel she is ready to have a baby. Some Christians appose abortion especially catholic Christians as they think that all life is sacred and should not be taken away. ...read more.


Others disagree with them and prefer to leave individuals to make their own decisions such as protestant Catholics. Protestants feel that if there is a good enough reason for why the baby should not be born then maybe acceptations can be taken. Protestants look at this as God has given us our own free will and surely we have the right to make our own decisions on weather the abortion is rite or not for the person. Also if the baby is going to come into the world with severe handicap difficulties then at one point or another they are going to have both strong mental and physical problems, especially mental problems as children these days pick out individuals and lock onto them immediately. My point is backed up by this quote "Are we sure on biblical grounds, that it is always the just and loving thing to bring into this complex world a badly deformed, perhaps even mentally incomplete individual" Protestants fell it is acceptable in most cases such as rape it is ok for the mother to have an abortion. ...read more.


My own view on the Christian points presented are, I am more on the side of the Protestants. I feel that the Catholics should put themselves in the shoes of the mother so they can also see how hard it would be for the parent. Catholics say that the only person that created the life should be the person that takes it away, but in a way the mother has created the life so I think she has the rite to take it away if she feels that it is necessary. I can see the point from the Christian side that any life is better than none, but you have to think how miserable the child may be if the mother has the baby. Also both Protestants and Catholics want to base their beliefs on the bible. If they want to do that I don't see why they can't see what it says in the bible and base their beliefs on that. Matthew Leonard ...read more.

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