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Why do many Christians Oppose abortion?

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Why do many Christians Oppose abortion?-Prerana Bhounsle 10J Many people would say that abortion is the termination of the life of a fetus. However many people argue that abortion is more than that. These people say that abortion is, in fact the killing of a life; of a human; of a baby. Different countries have different laws for abortion. Before 1968 all abortions were illegal in Britain. But hundreds and thousands of woman who couldn't take the burden of a child, under-went 'backstreet abortion'; In other words, illegal abortions. These abortions were performed by unqualified people and the woman often risked serious side effects or a huge possibility of death. But these women went to any length to kill the child growing inside them. Fortunately, since 1968, the abortion act allowed women to have an abortion. However there are a few conditions: * That the abortion is done by qualified people and is carried out on registered premises * The baby is not viable * The woman must have the permission of two doctors to agree that abortion ...read more.


They especially believe in what Jesus said in the bible 'Treat your neighbors as you would treat yourself' Other people argue that by allowing abortion, society takes the easy way out. And that even if a child is in its mother's womb, it still has human rights and the unborn child has a right not to be killed. One of the strongest point's states abortions are discrimination against the week. The pro-life groups are a group of people who believe that abortion is even worse that killing a man in his own home and that abortion is murder. And murder will always be murder no matter what the situation is. However there are Christians who would allow an abortion. One of these people would be the pro-choice group. This group believes that the decision of abortion should be left for the individuals themselves to make. They think that there are just too many situations and problems that it would be impossible and un-just to make only one decision. ...read more.


And it is possible that there is no straight answer to any of today's problems. But this does not mean that there is no reference about modern issues at all. The bible gives principles which just have to be applied to the modern world and the answers will be there. We learn from thins that moral decisions for Christians are based on what their church says. I strongly agree in what the Church of England says about abortion and that it should be allowed in some cases. I also strongly agree that abortion may be the most loving ting so do. Everyone knows how bad it is to suffer and stopping someone's suffering is the most loving thing to do to someone. I also believe in what the Pro-choice people have to say about abortion. IT is just impossible to make one decision for abortion. There are just too many things to take into account. If we were to make only one decision, then it would be terribly hard for all of us and will only cause more suffering. ...read more.

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