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Why do many Christians oppose abortion

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Why do many Christians oppose abortion? Abortion is defined by the dictionary as the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. Abortion is legal in the majority of countries and the Abortion Act made in 1968 states the circumstances under which an abortion is allowed. The act states that a woman may have an abortion if two doctors agree that it is necessary. The doctors will consider the health of the both the mother and the baby when making this choice. Another condition determining when an abortion is acceptable is that it is performed on registered premises and that the baby is not yet viable (before 24 week). Many Christians are opposed to abortion. They are said to take a pro-life stance and many pro-life supporters are Catholic. One of the reasons given for the opposition is that abortion is the same as murder. ...read more.


This is particularly relevant in cases of teenage pregnancy. However pro-life supporters may often argue for showing compassion towards the child. Another reason given for abortion is that God gave everybody free will and people should therefore be allowed to make their own decisions as to whether they want an abortion or not. When a Christian is trying to decide whether to have an abortion or not, they will turn to the Bible. Unfortunately the Bible does not offer a clear solution, rather principles which can help in guiding the decision. When a Christian is considering abortion the may be prompted to continue with the abortion due to such teachings as when Jesus invites us to live a full life. If someone knows their child will be disabled, they must consider what sort of life awaits the child. ...read more.


My view on abortion is that I agree with it due to the fact that I feel that in a modern society where it is possible, it should be used to improve the future prospects of the mother or the child. Abortion however should only be used when it is necessary and not, for example, when a mother does not feel it would be financially sensible to have a baby at that time and they would prefer to wait a few years. Abortion should be used to ensure health both mental and physical of the mother and child. I agree with abortion in the case of teenage pregnancy as an example. If the mother was to have the child it could possibly destroy their future by interfering with their exam results. Abortion is a controversial aspect of today's society but I feel that we need to balance what is morally right and allowing science to proceed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Atkins - 1 - 10BACL ...read more.

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