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Why do many marriages in Wales end in divorce and why do some Christian churches oppose divorce?

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Divorce Why do many marriages in Wales end in divorce and why do some Christian churches oppose divorce? Why do some marriages in Wales end in divorce? It could be for a number of reasons. Adultery, working long hours, financial difficulties, children, a partner suffers an illness or maybe the couple just got married to young. However, the most important and most worrying fact of all is that one in three marrages now end in divorce. Family life in the UK is changing. One of the most important changes in the past 30 years has been the growth in single parent (or lone parent) families. This is partly due to more children now being born outside marriage. There used to be two basic types of family that society and the Christian church considered ideal- the nuclear family and the extended family. A nuclear family consists of parents and family. An extended family is where three or more generations live together or as close neighbours. In reality, families can have very different structures e.g. single parent families and reconstituted families (where divorcees remarry or find new partners) ...read more.


This can happen if either partner did not consent to the marriage or did not understand what marriage was about. The couple did not or could not have sex, or one partner refused to have children. Nonconformist churches (e.g. Baptists and Methodists) will generally remarry divorcees, but an individual Minster can refuse to do so if this goes against his or her own conscience. The churches of England says that divorce is acceptable, but that divorced people can only remarry in church if they can find a Minster willing to marry them. This does not satisfy every member of the Church of England. You can apply for divorce at a county court in England and Wales, but to do this, couples must have been married for at least a year. The first stage of divorce is obtaining what is known as a "Decree nisi". This is granted if the court is satisfied the marriage has "irretrievably broken down", and this is proven by showing one of five things: adultery; unreasonable behaviour; desertion on the part of one partner for at least two years; that the couple have been separated for two years and both spouses consent to divorce; or that the couple have been separated for five years. ...read more.


Well, mediation is a voluntary service that allows you and your partner to meet with a trained and impartial negotiator (the mediator) to clarify the issues, discuss the available options, and reach decisions acceptable to you both. While the mediator will manage the process of negotiation, he or she is not there to promote either person's interests. The decisions are ultimately yours. You will still require the services of a solicitor to put your decisions on property or financial matters into legal form. The government is keen for people to attend mediation, and the number of people offering this service has vastly increased in the last few years. You may be required to attend mediation sessions if your divorce is funded by legal aid. There is also marriage counciling, where both partners attend a number of sessions and speak to a marriage councillor about what each of them think is wrong with the marriage and is a time to ask any questions which they might not feel they can ask at home. My personal opinion is that divorce is bad, but necessary in our society today. We should think about how much we love each other, and only marry in the first place if we now that the couple are never going to split. ...read more.

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