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Why Do People Pray?

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In this essay I will be focusing on why people pray, hence the title of the essay, and also why prayer is important in so many religions. Firstly, prayer is the way someone may express their feelings to god, they may be praying in devotion to god, praying for the ill, praying for answers, praying to become closer to a particular deity, praying for people who need help, praying for world peace, etc. Prayer is used in all religions and is so important in all different ways. Hindu's believe that devotion to god (bhakti) is one of the most important ways in which salvation can be achieved. Prayer is used as an expression of love for god, and as a way of asking for god's guidance in daily life. ...read more.


The congregational prayer is more effective and brings more benefit and reward. The human being is a social creature, and needs to work and relate in groups in virtually every aspect of life. For even in our most selfish moments, we will find ourselves dependent upon others. In Islam, prayer is not only a private concern, but also a social institution and a practical way of life; A way of life that promotes love, concern, generosity, and brotherhood. In my opinion, prayer is the most important part of worship because worship is the practical way in which people can express how they feel about god. There are many ways of doing this such as going on a pilgrimage, paying respect, reading the bible, singing, fasting, sacrifice and what I think is most important prayer. ...read more.


The last pillar I mentioned can be demonstrated in all religions because in Christianity the most important prayer is the Lord's prayer, in Hinduism and also in Christianity, they have The Eucharist, which is more commonly known as The Lord's Supper, Mass or Holy Communion. The Eucharist is the Greek word for 'Thanksgiving'. It is a time when Christians remember Jesus' last meal with the disciples. They do this by dining and praying. Prayer is most important in my opinion because you can pray anytime you want, you can pray on your own and it is the easiest way I feel to express my feelings to god, because you don't have to speak out aloud, you can pray in your head, to yourself. ...read more.

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