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Why does Christmas' night always feel different? Well, that one was a different one, I have to admit. One that left me with a scar and a doubt, something that I'll never know what really meant, and I'll never forget.

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Why does Christmas' night always feel different? Well, that one was a different one, I have to admit. One that left me with a scar and a doubt, something that I'll never know what really meant, and I'll never forget. I was spending Christmas with my friends. Spending it with my family was more hell than Christmas, so I took it as tradition since we got out of high school. The excuse to see my childhood friends was the only way I could get out of family stuff. We had made a pact the first Christmas after high school. Christmas would be our reunion day. Every year we would meet at the Leery's and spend a marvelous time together. That way we wouldn't lose touch. You may think it's a problem, 'cause Christmas is when you and your family get together. However, that was never our strong point (just Dawson's), so running to the perfect family prevented us to have to face a disastrous family like mine. Jen, who was living with Grams and Jack, since she went to college had never objected about coming home for Christmas', specially on Grams' part; it was easy to join in one Christmas party. Jack would come along, Andie had never came back from Italy and his family wasn't the sanest way to spend Christmas. ...read more.


She could be extremely pretty and intelligent at the same time, qualities most women can't have at the same time. I don't know if it was love that made me see so much beauty because that day Joey seemed pretty normal to me. Beautiful, yes, but not like she used to be. She was pale and thin, more than the usual. Her shining hazel eyes were dead and had dark bags under it. It must have been the stress. Joey was a successful woman, like I always thought she would be. She owned an Art Gallery and was amazingly successful for such a young woman. "Did I wake you up?" She whispered. "No, Potter. I was relieving my miserable live." She smiled sincerely. I don't know if it was because of my attempt to joke with my life or because of the nickname. "The modern life makes you suffer from insomnia?" she asked, approaching me. I was half laid half sat on the couch with a blanket covering me until my waist; she was in front of me standing on a robe. "Yeah, since I got out of here I have problems to sleep." I answered truthfully. She was strangely smiling proudly at me, I wondered why. ...read more.


"It was worthy it." I answered smiling. She smiled thankfully back and I wanted badly to jump from that couch and kiss her. "I think I'm going back to bed and try to sleep a little." She said running her hands through her hair. "Have good dreams." I wished, knowing I shouldn't do anything to make her stay, although I wanted so much. "You too." And that was the last words I heard from the real Joey I knew, the one that just showed to me, now I know. The next morning - I mean, late that morning - the faded and sad Joey was back. It was like we hadn't had that wonderful night, like it was a dream. I had to leave that afternoon because of work and couldn't say goodbye to her. Now, I regret it. My life went on as always and about six months later I got a call telling me Joey had died from breast cancer. I wonder if she knew by that time and wanted to have her last good time. I make me believe it so I feel good to had given her something good to remember when she was dying. It makes the aches in my heart subside a little every time I think about her. I've never got back to spend Christmas at the Leery's. I haven't spent Christmas anymore. Thanks for reading it and enjoyed it aswell!! Phil :) ...read more.

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