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Why is Euthanasia such a controversial issue?

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´╗┐Bryony Upson 10J ? RS (Miss McAuther) Why is Euthanasia a controversial issue? Euthanasia is given to terminally ill person or someone in a great pain and has a poor quality of life. This is to end their lives in a gentle and easy way using an overdose of a very powerful drug. This can be given by: assisted suicide, voluntary euthanasia or Non-voluntary euthanasia. Although British law says all of these methods are Illegal, the law does agree with passive euthanasia, when treatment is withdrawn. (e.g. hydration tubes or life support machine) This is when a person receiving intensive treatments machines are turned off, providing they have no chance of recovery and are too ill to make the decision themselves, however in order for this to happen there must be a strong reason as to why the person would do this is they could make the decision themselves. ...read more.


Many people with disabilities suffer badly. They may be in constant pain or lead very limited lives. Society should not force them to stay alive. If they want to die then surely that decision is for them. If we can terminate a pregnancy, with a perfectly healthy baby inside, then why can?t we end the lives of people who are living with terrible conditions and don?t have the option to die or commit suicide just like tony nicklinson? People who agree with Euthanasia also believe that the last few months of a patient?s life are often the most expensive in terms of medical and other care. Shortening this period through Euthanasia is a way of relieving pressure on scarce medical resources, or family finances. ...read more.


I personally feel that euthanasia should be legalised, even though there are many risks, disadvantages and assumptions about euthanasia. This is because I do not feel that these disadvantages, will never balance out the fact that people live with awful conditions, diseases and disabilities which cause them so much pain and frustration that it is unfair to keep them alive, rather than helping to pass away in a dignified and pain-free way. If vets are willing to put animals down, that are in an incredible pain, then if a human in a similar situation that cannot commit suicide themselves should also have the same option if that is what they would really wish. ...read more.

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