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Why is the story of Adam and Eve called the downfall of man?

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Why is the story of Adam and Eve called the downfall of man? [image002.jpg] Firstly, what does the word `downfall' mean? A reliable source says that it is a "sudden loss of wealth, rank, reputation, or happiness;" in other words: ruin. When God created the world, everything was perfect. Both Adam and Eve were obedient and the Garden of Eden was bliss. Both Adam and Eve had no worries and no problems. One day however, the serpent said to Eve "did God really say that you can't eat from the tree of knowledge?" She replied, "We may eat from any tree, except the one that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. If we eat it we shall die." "That is a lie." The serpent said, "God is only saying that because he knows that if you eat the fruit, you will become as wise and powerful as him." ...read more.


This is the origin of sin. This is the first sin ever committed. This means that evil has entered God's perfect world and it is perfect no more. Adam and Eve are not innocent any more. A main reason would be that Adam directly disobeys God. He ignores God's rules and does what he thinks would be appropriate even though God tells him not to eat the fruit. This resembles a teenager being rebellious and doing what he/she was told not to do. Man makes his first mistake - Adam and Eve both under estimate God and see him as a person who doesn't want others to be as powerful as himself. If Adam and Eve had fully understood God, then they would not have been so prejudiced about him. This again is like a teenager not realising the consequences of his actions. ...read more.


Man now the chance to use his own free will. Man is no longer a robot that must obey and carry out God's every command. He does what he wants. He uses his own free will and makes his own choices. He is now no longer a slave and becomes independent. Man now learns the meaning of responsibility. He must now look after himself and put others before himself for the first time. This counts as a rise as man now fully learns that he is not the most important. In summary, this is almost a double essay. All of these reasons are to do with growing up. This could be an essay on the pros and cons of adulthood. However, man still must learn that each and every action has consequences. In conclusion, the temptation of Adam and Eve is called the downfall, as this is the time when man loses his link with God. It is the downfall, as evil defeats good and man commits the first ever sin. Gopal K Kotecha ...read more.

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