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Why is there a need for world development?

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Question 2: Why is there a need for world development? In the '50s countries were divided into three groups- the 1st world, 2nd world, and 3rd world. While today this measure is still used in the press, geographically countries are split into More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs) and Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs). The Brandt line (which is used to define LEDCs and MEDCs) effectively splits the world into two, taking quality of living, gross national product, and health into account. In the UK, (based on averages) a majority of people earn around �18 460 annually with 14.6% of the population below the poverty line. Compared with Bali where gross national product is only �220 per person per year and with almost half (45%) of all people unable to provide a good standard of living for themselves the difference is massive. Poverty also affects almost every other part of a person's life, averagely in LEDCs only 53.9% of people over the age of 15 can read and write a simple sentence; education is forgotten by the poorest families in the world as parents are forced to send their children to work to survive. ...read more.


In 2004 an earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a series of devastating tsunamis along most of its coastline. Altogether more that 225 000 people in 11 countries were killed and despite the huge humanitarian response (worldwide over $7billion was donated) it has only slightly lessened the economic impacts of the natural disaster. In many costal communities, families have lost the main income earner, meaning they cannot support themselves- let alone replace damaged/lost boats and fishing equipment. Even areas unaffected by the tsunami have been affected- like the pacific coast of Thailand- as tourists tend to be reluctant to return. Damage to the infrastructure of the countries affected has been possibly the worst effect of the earthquake, it costs �millions to repair and a lack of hospitals mean people have died when minor injuries have become infected, clean drinking water supplies were also tainted meaning more people died from waterborne diseases such as: cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and hepatitis A and B. War is another major cause of poverty and detrimental to world development as it also affects neighbouring countries when refugees arrive needing food and shelter. ...read more.


Carbon emissions are also greatly increased with over-population- and as more people in developing countries can afford cars etc. the world's climate is heavily fluctuating, in turn causing more natural disasters. Over-crowding in cities where healthcare is poor also means that infections and epidemics soon turn into epidemics- especially in the slums where many people are malnourished and hygiene is bad. As transport and communication to foreign countries have developed; a global community has been established giving MEDCs even more responsibility to promote global equality. For one thing humans have a moral duty to help each other but MEDCs could also benefit economically from helping underdeveloped countries. The tropical climate in LEDCs is relied on for to feed people in MEDCs. Undeveloped and developing countries would also provide new markets for products sold by companies in MEDCs. A lack of development causes resentment towards MEDCs meaning terrorism is more likely and cycles of depression mean that unless we in MEDCs intervene the situation is never going to get better. In short, world development too many people are suffering from preventable problems: curable diseases, a lack of clean water, overpopulation and low life expectancy, poor health care, and starvation. Hannah Hurley 10NI RE Coursework ...read more.

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