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Why isn't the world equal? Our world is divided in to two - those who have and those who do not. Globally this division exists between the rich countries in the north and poor countries in the south. Within this broad division between the rich

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Poverty "It is expensive to be poor" Julius Nyerere, First President of Tanzania "If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich" John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 - 63, 35th President of the USA. Why isn't the world equal? Our world is divided in to two - those who have and those who do not. Globally this division exists between the rich countries in the north and poor countries in the south. Within this broad division between the rich and the poor we find that in each country we have similar division. Even in the richest country in the World, the United States of America, there are people, although small in number, who live in abject poverty. Similarly in even the poorest country in the world like Bangladesh, there are few who would be considered rich even by the standards of rich counties. Why do some people live in abject poverty and why do others live in the lap of luxury? Why are the children of these wealthy people given the opportunities that the children of those living in less fortunate circumstances are denied or have never even heard of? ...read more.


In the United States, we have children who have their own e-mail addresses at the age of six, while in the Third World, for example in a rural village in Tanzania, we have a fifteen year old student whohas not seen a computer in his life nor he know what a computer is! This gap increases with each passing day. Likewise, a thirteen-year-old girl in rural India shoulders responsibilities of doing household chores such as taking care of the home, her parents, and her younger brothers and sisters, as well as cooking and cleaning for them all. A twelve year old girl in a rural village in Saudi Arabia is married off to a man approximately forty years older than her without her being asked; she has to grow up quickly and act like a wife at the age of twelve! Both these girls have never enjoyed themselves or had the opportunity to act like children - having fun with friends, laughing, going to school and learning about themselves and growing up positively. While in London, a thirteen year old girl goes out shopping to the mall with her friends after school and spends ten to fifteen pounds without thinking about it! ...read more.


The subsidies on farm products are heavy burden on the taxpayers of rich countries. Secondly, people should act to make IMF, the World Bank to cancel debts of the poorest countries in the world. Many poor countries spend huge amounts of money to pay off the debt, the money which could have been used to pay to provide food, safe water and build schools. To quote a song form U2: You're packing a suitcase for a place None of us has been A place that has to be seen to be believed You can't deny it But yet, you see it And I know how you feel when you see it I know how your heart breaks How your heart it aches You can only take so much It is sad that at the beginning of the 21st century so many of the world's population is living under abject poverty. The problem has less to do with the poor people themselves but more to do with the way the world's economy and trade relations are organized. As many of the leaders from poor countries have often said, "we do not want aid, we want fair trade". It is only through fair trade that the poor of the world can be assisted to grow out of their poverty. We all have a role to play! ...read more.

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