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Why Marriages End In Divorce

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Why do some marriages end in divorce? Section B There are many reasons why marriages end in divorces. The reasons are because of cheating, affairs, finance stresses, violence, unfaithfulness, lying, lack of trust or disagreements. If a couple was in a financial trouble then the man or the women may not want to live with them any more or may feel he or she is not trying to find or work or just being plain lazy and may not want to live without needs and wants. They might not want to suffer anymore and may want a divorce. The reason may be affairs because he or she might have been lying all that time and been having an affiar with some one else. ...read more.


Also you are showing other people you are weak at marriage. You need legal requirements such as vows, witnesses and a register. Some cases they allow remarrying. Catholic are against marriages but non conformist are for remarrying but Anglicans are 50-50 about remarrying. The reasons why is they have their own set of rules and traditions of way of doing things Some marriages can survive the pressures because it is not just themselves they have to worry about it may because of the children's sake. Also if one of the couples do be unfaithful the other may want to forgive them because they still love them and will try to build back the relationship and may be because they love each other too much. ...read more.


In some situation Anglicans are sometimes 50-50 and are not always sure. 'Every one who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.'( Luke 16:18). That is what the bible has to say about divorce and what that means is it is wrong to have a divorce and to remarry. I think that I am For divorces because if it is what the couples want then they should be able to have a divorce but only if they agree to the terms. However I think its unfair on the children and they might have to decide. I have got my information for course work A,B and C from the internet. The site I visit was www.mariages.com and www.divorces.com and I have also got my information from my family and my friends. By Rashedur Rahman ...read more.

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