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Why Marry?

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There is no point in marriages when you can Live together in any case. Section C I do not agree with there is no point at all in marriages when you can just live together in any case. My main and most important reason it is that its showing a much bigger commitment and is bigger symbol of true love and a lot more serious and by going into detail it is showing everyone around you and the neighbourhood or community that you are way more serious about love and the passion for love and marriages and loving and caring for them for the rest of your lives. ...read more.


I also think that if you do not actually marry them then it will really feel like you are living with a complete stranger and that the kids will know that mum and dad which are the parents and the guardians are a very good couple which will make them very happy. However in some cases people may disagree with me because of the fact that divorcing does ending up costing a lot of money and it is easier to simply just break up. However I strongly disagree with this because no matter if your not married or you are when you break up with them it is hard to live without them and it breaks your heart and all ...read more.


Some people may also argue that you do not have to actually need to get married to live closely together in a house or flat because it is showing a bigger and more serious commitment and a symbol of love, much more serious, witness to prove you are really and truly married and living with someone who you can actually trust. Rounding it up I believe at the end of the day that I don't agree with' there is no point in marriages when you can live together any way' because of all arguments I can see the truth and they way people go wrong in the world. ...read more.

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