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Why some don't believe in life after death

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Why some don't believe in life after death * No evidence * No-one has returned from dead * Science shows when body dies, brain dies * No place where life after death can happen * Life-support shows a brain dies, so what could survive death? Why Christians believe in Life after death? * Jesus rose from dead. * Bible and churches say and teach life after death. * Creeds says there is. * Near-death experiences. * Life after death gives life purpose and meaning. Why Muslims believe in Life after death? * All these teachings found in Qur'an, Qur'an word of God so must be true. * Life is a test from God which only makes sense if there life after death. * Believe in life after death gives life meaning. CHRISTIAN: Life after death ALL CHRISTIANS BELIEVE LIFE IS NOT ALL THERE IS. (But differ in what actually happens after death, but all believe it gives life purpose and meaning.) ...read more.


All these teachings found in Qur'an. 2. What the Qur'an says is word of God and so they must be true. Social Facts on Abortion Abortion can only take place if two doctors agree on one of the following; * Mothers life is at risk * Mothers physical or mental state at risk * Baby born severely handicapped * Serious effects to other children in family Can only take place from 0-24 weeks before pregnancy. People argue when life actually starts; * Egg fertilised? * When it receives soul (about 15 weeks)? * When foetus can survive outside the womb? CHRISTIAN: Abortion TWO TEACHINGS ON ABORTION. * Roman C and Evan P believe abortion is ALWAYS wrong due to teachings of sanctity of life. * They believe this because; 1. God created life and to prevent the baby being born is murder and against God's will. 2. Life begins at contraception, would be murder if allowed to happen. ...read more.


* Recent decisions in court have allowed doctors to switch of life support. CHRISTIAN: Euthanasia ALL CHRISTIANS OPPOSE EUTHANASIA. * Most believe doctors should be allowed to give lots of pain killers even if it shortens life. * Expensive treatment not needed to extend lives of the dying patients. * Do not agree with turning off life support. * But some many believe it should be allowed when there no signs of life. * They believe this because; 1. Life is sacred and should only be taken by God. 2. Christians must not murder. 3. Life and Death situations should only be made by God. 4. Doctors required to save lives not kill. MUSLIM: Euthanasia ISLAM DOES NOT ALLOW EUTHANASIA. * Qur'an bans suicide. * No soul can die without Gods permission. * Believe life is a test from God and if euthanasia is used they are cheating. However recently it has been agreed that life-support machines are allowed to be switched of if there is no sign of life. ?? ?? ?? ?? LIFE AFTER DEATH 1 (LAD) ...read more.

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