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Why Some People Become Atheist

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Why Some People of the World Become Atheist Some people become an atheist simply because they are born as one or they're family background has influenced them. But because of the different things that happened around the world such as scientific explanations that oppose the ideas of God's creation, a lot unanswered prayers waiting to be granted, and sufferings that is being blamed as God's will, some people would either not believe in God or lose their faith in him. People said that God is an omnibenevolent and omniscient creator. If that is the case, then why did nature say so otherwise? Natural disasters have been occurring all over the world. People are experiencing pain and suffering because of the loss of their loved ones. For example, Haiti recently experienced an earthquake which killed thousands of people. If God really loves his people like it is said in the Bible, then he would surely refrain from creating these kinds of disasters. ...read more.


For instance, the Big Bang Theory explains of how the world was created billions of years ago. In fact, it is said that the universe was just a dense mass that began to expand, not created by any celestial being in just seven days. Furthermore, Evolution also clarifies how human beings were able to occupy the world. The bible says that after God created the world in seven days, he immediately created Adam and Eve. I say that this source would have been wrong as it doesn't explain of how dinosaurs had existed. If humans did live alongside dinosaurs, then wouldn't they have perished with them? There were different arguments of how dinosaurs died, and based on those arguments, no people would've survived. Take the meteor for example, it is said that a great meteor crashed into the earth millions of years ago which created a wave of dust and dirt that had covered the atmosphere for many years. ...read more.


This led people to believe that the extraordinary things that are happening much just be a coincidence, and if possible, just make up stories of the community for publicity. In addition, some people were led to think that God isn't all-loving at all. For instance, if there was a plane crashed that had occurred, then the people who had missed it would be happy and grateful to God; however, what about those people who hadn't missed it? Does this mean that God has favouritisms and only chooses certain people who he wanted to have a religious experience? To sum it up, because of the many unexplainable things that are happening around the world, people tend to lose faith in God. But then, I say that sometimes it would be better if people would all believe in God. If God really did exist then we are lucky to know and maybe experience his gifts; but if he doesn't exist, we lose nothing. Basically, it's the people's choice whether they will believe in God or not; as some say, things always happen for one reason or another. ...read more.

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