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Why the suffering, death and Resurrection Is important to Christians today.

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AO2 Why the suffering, death and Resurrection Is important to Christians today The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are the three most important beliefs in Christianity. These three are very closely linked together. Christians undergo suffering today. An example of this is James Maudsley. He left a life in England to go and help the world's poorest people in Liberia. He was exiled for speaking out against the military Junta. However this did not stop him. He smuggled himself back into Liberia and began to demonstrate against the Junta. He was sentenced to several years in prison without an official trial or warning. ...read more.


Another example of a Christian who suffered for his beliefs is Sean Devereux. He worked with Amnesty international as a deliverer. He went to some of the poorest parts of the world and tried to make a difference. He fought for rights and tried to educate children. His suffering ended on the road in which he lived. When crossing a corner he was shot 4 times and died. Some Christians believe that our relationship with god depends on the sacrifice of Jesus. As one priest put it "We are full of sin and spiritually dirty. Jesus' sacrifice acts as a filter for God so he only sees us, not the sins." ...read more.


This gives hope for those who are dying because they can draw hope from the fact they can live again with the Lord The resurrection of Jesus is crucial to Christians today as it is the basis of the whole Christian religion. Without the resurrection there would be no Christianity as it proves that God exists as he raised his son from the dead. Some people believe that because of the resurrection we can truly experience Jesus in our daily lives. However we must live our lives as Jesus said in order to gain his presence. He said that we must treat others as we wish to be treated, follow the Ten Commandments and love God. ...read more.

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