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Why was Jesus’ death and resurrection important to us Christians today?

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1. Why was Jesus' death and resurrection important to us Christians today? For this section of my coursework, I will examine the theological & historical events of Jesus death, the build up to his death, and his resurrection after his death. I will show how important these events are for us Christians today, and how Marks gospel outlined these reasons. Jesus made life better for people around him. In Mark 2:13-25 Jesus went to a tax collector in the town of Galilee called Levi. Levi was an outcast and nobody liked him. But Jesus gave him time and went to his house for a meal, with some other people who were outcasts. ...read more.


Jesus understood the term to mean a suffering servant as prophesised by Isaiah in the Old Testament. But the people took it wrongly, and thought he would try to take over. At the Passover meal, which Jesus and his disciples this year called 'The Last Supper', Jesus sent two of his disciples into the city and told them that a man carrying a jug of water would be there to meet them, and he told them to follow this man. So they did, and the Passover feast was prepared, and so was the Last Supper for Jesus and his disciples. Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him, and he knew he was going to die, and that peter would deny knowing him three times before a cock would crow. ...read more.


In the same way when Jesus lifts the chalice with the wine in, he is imitating Jesus at the last supper. Jesus turned the bread and wine into his blood and body. Jesus was giving a new life to the people. The everlasting covenant. When Jesus was crucified, many people were shocked to here that Jesus had risen again. When the stone had been removed from his tomb, people thought it was another cruel act of the Jewish lawmen. As Jesus appeared several times in the days leading up to the ascension, they found out that Jesus was still alive with the Father and the holy spirit, and as he is now seated at the right hand of our father in heaven, we know he looks out for us, as he suffered, died, and rose again for us. ?? ?? ?? ?? A.M.D.G. Joe Morrison R.E. Coursework ...read more.

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