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Why was St. Teilo’s church built in the 12th Century?

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Why was ST. Teilo's church built in the 12th Century? The role of the church in medieval society was very important. Religion was a very important part of every person's life. Every person in the surrounding area around the church would visit the church every Sunday for a sermon, given in Latin by a priest. All sermons were spoken in Latin, and very few people understood what the priest was saying. Almost every person who went to these sermons was illiterate, so to help them understand what the priest was teaching them about heaven and hell, the church walls would be covered in Doom paintings, these Doom paintings showed what Heaven and Hell were like, In medieval society most of the population was poor and lived hard, wretched lives, and the only thing that showed them that there was abetter life was the church. The church also gave the peasant's hope of a better life in heaven. ...read more.


In 1106 Gower was taken over by the March lord Henry De Beaumont, Earl of Warwick. The church in Wales was brought under the religious control of the Roman Catholic Church led by the Pope. After the arrival of the Normans in Gower, Gower was divided into two sections called Gower Anglican (English Gower), compromising most of the peninsula, and Gower Wallicana (Welsh Gower). As far as the parish of bishopston was concerned, the English settlers were confined to the low-lying limestone plateau of south bishopston. The welsh on the other hand were confined to the higher part of the plateau in North Bishopston. The Anglo Normans living in Bishopston were all Catholics and these people wanted a place of worship and somewhere to be safe against attacks from the Welsh. The church is situated on the sloping side of a valley centred in the middle of Bishopston. The church is surrounded by a deep forest of trees, which makes the church hidden and hard to see from Bishopston, this placing of the ...read more.


The nave is long and narrow and with out aisles. The window of most architectural interest is the one at the west end of the nave almost adjoining the tower. The tower at Bishopton is massive and can be described as of the English type embattled with a small pyramid roof rising with the battlement, and has a welsh pattern running around it. It has little lancet slots where the people would have been able to fight back invaders. In conclusion the church of ST. Teilos has been around for century's it has lasted for many years and will keep on lasting, it still is a place of worship. The church has also seen may changes, it has seen a new roof to its tower and also a new clock face has been put on the tower, the church of ST. Teilo's is a historical monument in the middle of Gower. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Temple 10I ...read more.

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