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With reference to culture and tradition, discuss the presentation of themes and characters in three of the short stories that you have read. You must refer to the significance of language and structure.

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With reference to culture and tradition, discuss the presentation of themes and characters in three of the short stories that you have read. You must refer to the significance of language and structure. After reading a selection of numerous short stories of different cultures and traditions, various themes and language choices are common, it is clear that these themes and language choices all play a major role which will essentially be the central focus in this essay. This essay will centre around three stories, "Coffee for the Road" by Alex la Guma, "The Green Leaves" by Grace Ogot and "See me in me Benz and T'ing" by Hazel D. Campbell. I will also make sure to focus and explore characterisation and setting and furthermore whilst analysing a fiction piece, to take into account the background of the writer. After comparing the short stories it has become clear that they all share numerous similarities and few differences. ...read more.


expresses the whites I this story as racists that believe in "white supremacy" whereas on the other hand the protagonist (the Indian lady) is described as "handsome". This shows the writers sympathy with this culture. As the story continues there is a sudden eruption of violence as a consequence of prejudice, "...the thermos flask hurtled at the white woman. Bloody white thrash she cried. 'Coolie yourself!'". This is again similar to "The Green Leaves" as there is prejudice aimed back at the original racist. The writer uses exclamation marks in the remarks aimed at the white people; this strengthens the force of the remark to the reader- to show the Indian women's "angry tone" in her words. There are also differences as well as similarities; the main character in "Coffee for the Road" is presented as a caring mum that fears for the safety of the children, "You two behave your selves and there'll be coffee. Don't you want a cool drink?" ...read more.


The lady is Carl's "possession" according to the way he treats her, she undergoes verbal and physical abuse but, however is rewarded by materialistic gestures. The lady has no self respect and treats her fellow countrymen as she would not want to be treated, she fears for her own life but against this she still has no independence. She tolerates abuse so she does not loose everything she has. People carry weapons in Jamaica, it has become cultural for violence to occur and for weapons to be carried, violence is an integral part of their culture. It has also become traditional for the lady to take "beating" leashed out by her husband, "By their swoops for weapons that they were angry" In conclusion, this essay has proved that each story revolves around culture, tradition and racism, without doubt reflecting the author's background and upbringing. The writers, through setting and character lets the reader explore the unique, indifferent insight of others, whereby which we learnt that each author is mere product of society that through racism, violence and tradition, have altered intolerance in which the stories has been influenced by. GCSE English Coursework-Short Stories 1 Abdalla Abdale ...read more.

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