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Women have a higher profile and feel more equal to men in Christianity than in Islam.

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Women have a higher profile and feel more equal to men in Christianity than in Islam In this coursework assignment I am going to look at religion and gender by trying to prove that my hypothesis: 'Women have a higher profile and feel more equal to men in Christianity than in Islam' is either true or false. I will be doing this by firstly providing background information on the religions of Christianity and Islam, then by looking at and analysing six sources I will come to a conclusion on whether my hypothesis is true or false along with evaluating my investigation. I have chosen to do this hypothesis as for centuries males have always been the dominant figures of society and everyday life while woman have been pushed into the background and their feelings have been stereotyped. By choosing this hypothesis I hope to get a balanced view of what it's like for women in these two religions and how differently women are treated from men. Leading on Christianity is a religion which was derived from the teaching of Jesus during the first third of the 1st century. It is divided into denominations that differ in some areas of belief and practices, its main divisions are the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant churches. Christians believe in one God with three aspects: God the father, Jesus the son, and God the Holy Spirit, who is the power of God working in the world. The main beliefs of Christians are: * In the beginning God created the Earth and he created the whole universe and everything in it. * Jesus is the son of God and took human form being born as a baby in Bethlehem. He then died on a cross to save us form our sins. * The Holy Spirit is a guide who guides us through our lives so that we can do what is right and it acts as a comforter; helping us through life, staying with us all the time. ...read more.


This relates to my hypothesis as it shows that women in Islam are happy with their life. Source three Women and Men Religious: 1945-2000 1945 1965 1985 2000 Change 1965-2000 Religious Priests 12,413 21,781 20,448 15,143 -30% Religious Brothers 7,003 13,152 10,226 8,448 -36% Religious Sisters 122,159 173,865 118,840 79,876 -54% Catholics (millions) Catholics Per: 21.9 41.5 52.3 60.8 47% Religious Priest 1,767 1,907 2,558 4,013 110% Religious Brother 3,132 3,157 5,114 7,194 128% Religious Sister 180 239 440 761 218% This source is about Roman Catholic (a denomination of Christianity) men and women in statistical perspective. It was taken from Catholicism USA which was produced in 2001 by the centre for applied research in the Apostolate, Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA. It can be found on the website: http://cara.georgetown.edu/bulletin/RelStatistics.html. The religious brothers are abbots and fathers who are all men, the religious sisters are nuns who are women and the religious priests are priests which are all men. This source is very biased because it shows more statistics for men than women and shows up the fact that women can't be priests. In Roman Catholicism women can't be priests or abbots, only nuns. This relates to my hypothesis as it shows that men are better thought of in Roman Catholicism than women. I think the meaning of this source was to show the changes in percentage of religious men and women from 1945 to 2000. but was mainly aimed at men which is sexist and biased. Source four This source is from a report on the BBC news website on Muslim girls struggling for an education and was featured on Wednesday the 24th of September, 2003 written up by Safa Faisal. It can be found on the website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/3130234.stm The meaning of this source is that Arab parents want to give their son an education but don't want their daughter to be educated as they believe it is more important for women to be a house wife. ...read more.


so I don't see why they should be treated as differently as they do or why men are more dominant. In Islam although it says in the Quran that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah only men can pray in the temples and woman have to pray from a height where they can only watch. The question here is to ask why? Why are men treated more superior in the first case to woman, it was probably because some person in the beginning said God/Allah is a man so men are superior to women and gender socialisation and modern days socialism has been built upon that. Therefore because women are treated less equally to men in both the religions Christianity and Islam I can not say that women feel more equal in one religion than the other one when they are treated unfairly in the same ways, but in different aspects in both religions and agree or disagree with my hypothesis. However if I ever did have to come to a final conclusion where I had to agree or disagree with my hypothesis I would chose to agree with my hypothesis. This is because with information form my 4th source Muslim men and Muslim parents are contradicting their faith by depriving their daughters of an education when it is a Muslims duty to seek knowledge. There used to be the same problem in Christianity but it has now been sorted out and it is not a Christian's duty to seek knowledge. Also in Islam there are such things as 'honour killings' where if someone feels a women has put shame on their family they can kill them to save their honour and such things do not happen in Christianity. This is because murdering is wrong and it is not within a Christian's faith to murder a woman because of this. Therefore If I had to chose whether I agree or disagree I would chose to agree with my hypothesis. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tamara Bissett 10A1 - 1 - ...read more.

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