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Wooden Box

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Wooden Box It was a cool dark November evening in 1950 just after the Second World War. Two young boys, Colin and Ray, who were the best of mates, did everything together and as it was a time just after the war money was tight and no toys existed so mischief is what kept the boys entertained. Knowing of an old church hall used as a nursery school during the day, the boys knew that it was full of toys such as balls and hoops. Colin and Ray one night found themselves outside of the church hall when Ray noticed that there was a window open, they decided to go and climb in through the window. ...read more.


They went over to the box looking for the large footballs that they knew the children used to play with. After hunting through some of the other boxes they realised that they could not find a single ball, Ray then noticed a large box on a table by the fireplace. It was a large smooth wooden box with shiny metal on it with writing but the darkness made it impossible to read. Ray tried to open it but it was too heavy for him alone. Colin then got the other end of the box lid. Between them they tugged hard and between them hey prised the lid off. They looked into the box, they both began to scream! ...read more.


"What, What, What was that?" Colin stuttered "I have no idea it looked like a body, a dead body!" Ray panted They decided that they would not tell anyone of the incident that happened that night and they walked home cautiously. About a week later Ray asked his mother if they ever kept dead bodies in coffins in the church. Ray's mum replied yes but only if it was someone high up in the church community and they would be left there until the funeral to rest in state, she also mentioned how people could go and see them but no one really liked to see a dead body. From then on the boys were scared stiff of even entering the neighbourhood, they never did tell anyone but the memories, the memories scared them for the rest of there lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dan J ...read more.

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