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Working with babies 0-1 year - Caring for your baby.

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Working with babies 0-1 year Caring for you baby P2-In this article we will write about caring for your 0-6 months babies and how you can do further their development. P3- Physical Development Emotional Development Social Development 0- 3 months They will develop hands, legs, eyes, and head Co- ordination. They start to connect with their mothers and are the happiest in their company. He/ she will communicate their needs by crying. 3-6 months Physical growth is vastly noticeable. They can balance their head, they can grasp with their Fingers. They can also roll over. They smile and express their feelings more easily by crying and using other forms of sound. They can make new sounds and are more responsive when spoken to. ...read more.


Lively Links available from WWW.AMAZON.COM Emotional Development is very important study has shown that if a baby has a strong bond with their mother they are more likely to find it easy to socialise with others as they get older. What can I do to help? You can show bundles of happiness while you change and feed them. Cuddle them joyfully and let them touch your face as babies love to touch and explore their carer's faces. Talk to them and laugh with them. An easy tip is to play a song and you sing along with it. Smiley space face rattle is great to stimulate emotional development for 0-6 month babies. This really does wonders that it has won the National Parenting Publications Honours Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, and Parents choice Foundation Recommended seal. ...read more.


* Bring your baby to the bath area and undress him completely * Gradually slip your baby into the bath using one hand to support his head and neck. Pour cupful of waters over his body so he doesn't get cold. * Using a flannel wash him top to bottom then back to front. To * wash his scalp use a wet cloth and to wash face use moisturised cotton wool. Try and use little soap as possible as it dries out your baby's skin. * Rinse your baby with a clean flannel * Wrap your baby in a towel and pat him dry. If his skin is dry Or has nappy rash apply mild lotion. To care for your daughter's Vaginal area you must use a moist cloth to wipe the area front to back. To care for your son's penis www.babycentre.com suggests it best if you leave it alone. ...read more.

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