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Worship is when we pray too God and praise him. You can praise God in lots of different ways, through praying, through singing hymns and through

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Worship Worship is when we pray too God and praise him. You can praise God in lots of different ways, through praying, through singing hymns and through contemplation. We don't worship the saints, we pray to them to intercede for us, this is another way of worshiping God. When we worship God we are usually thanking God for protecting us and showing us how to live our lives the right way. We don't worship the statues, they are just there to remind us of the examples the saints set and how God gave his only son Jesus, to give us new life. ...read more.


Wearing crosses can also symbolize that we are Catholics and are not ashamed to show what we believe in and we feel protected because we feel that God is with us wherever we go. Crucifix The crucifix is a cross with Jesus dying on it. There are lots of different crucifixes in the church they remind us of how Jesus died for us and the suffering he went through for us so that our sins would be forgiven and we would have eternal life. Font The font is a big basin filled with Holy Water. The font is used in Baptism it is where the priest gets the holy water from to pour over the babies head and make them part of the church. ...read more.


The tabernacle is very important because it contains the Body of Christ. The Catholic church believes that when the hosts have been blessed they are changed in to the Body of Christ. This process is called TRANSUBSTANTIATION. The tabernacle looks like a safe but normally has a cross on it to symbolize we are in a catholic church. When we first enter church we genuflect in front of the tabernacle as a sign of respect. The hosts are held in a ciborium in the tabernacle, the hosts are always in the tabernacle except on Good Friday. Statues Statues in a church are there to help us pray concentrate on who we are praying to - God. We can also use statues to remember the saints who have shown us the right way to live our lives. ...read more.

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