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Would removing life support from an individual in a permanently vegetative state be morally wrong? Discuss with reference to: a) the sanctity of life and b) the doctrine of double effect.

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Would removing life support from an individual in a permanently vegetative state be morally wrong? Discuss with reference to: a) the sanctity of life and b) the doctrine of double effect. Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, has been strongly looked upon by many philosophers over a very long period of time, the word euthanasia means: "The bringing about of a quiet and easy death for the sake of the individual." In simpler terms, subject 'A' kills subject 'B' for the sake of subject 'B'. Autonomy looks at whether or not we should have complete control of our death. Some religions also look into this: There are many different views on whether or not euthanasia is acceptable and the Christian view of Euthanasia is that it is wrong. They understand the pain and emotional suffering, caused in the case of terminally ill, but believe that a hospice is a better solution and that to commit Euthanasia is murder and a degrading act upon human life. ...read more.


is to be given equal respect and treated as 'sacred' (special)." Most religions believe humans are special. For instance, they teach that we have a soul (a part of us that lives forever, even after death), and that we have been given an opportunity to have a relationship with God. Some religions, such as Christianity, also teach that humans have been created in 'Gods image'. This means that humans have certain qualities and characteristics that God has as well. The argument is at first seemingly pointless because it rests upon the assumption that we believe in God, however regardless of this, the argument still works because life is valuable. The argument is still more difficult to hold without religious belief but we would still say that life was valuable even if we had never heard of God. I can prove this point because 'atheists' still value life. (An atheist does not believe in any god or religion.) ...read more.


This argument can be used with many arguments such as legalization. The legalization of cannabis is often looked upon however if it was legal then wouldn't more harmful drugs become closer and closer to legalization? The argument seems to fall down a slippery slope and others follow. I can link this argument with euthanasia, if voluntary active euthanasia is allowed, then people would argue why involuntary passive euthanasia is not acceptable. This could lead to a knock-on effect, which could of started from a small event taking place leading to anything whatsoever. I believe that removing life from a person in a PVS is acceptable on the grounds that it is authorized with doctors and known to be 100% true that the patient will not recover from the vegetative state he or she is in. I also believe that letting the patient die is equally acceptable as to killing the patient with a lethal drug, letting somebody die is just as bad as killing someone in most cases. ?? ?? ?? ?? 3 Chris Acton ...read more.

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