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Write an account of my experience at a Christian marriage.

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Name: Donald Blankson Hemans Religious Education Coursework Marriage In this piece of coursework, I will write an account of my experience at a Christian marriage. I will initiate by giving an overview of Marriage in the Christian Society. Secondly I will give an account of the significance of any clothing worn during the ceremony. Thirdly I will write about the ceremonies including the vow and rings. The legal requirements-signing of the registers. Various Christians, yet those who are not usual worshippers of God desire to marry in church as they believe it is crucial to make their solemn or vows in the house of the Lord. Christian churches feel it is vital for couples to be organised for their lifelong commitment and many of the Churches anticipate for couples to go to a course of instruction prior to the day. Marriage is one of the most essential milestones in a person's life. Less people go into marriage lacking some sort of preparation. Unluckily, it is simple to be more concerned with preparations of the day itself rather than the lifetime that follows, and millions of pounds are spent each year on outfits, flowers and photographs. ...read more.


The couple hold right hands because it is in the nature of the covenant. In the blood covenant, the participants grasped each other's bleeding right hands, mingling their blood and exchanged an oath committing all their strength and resources to the other person. Thus, it symbolises the giving of one's strength, resources, and purpose to another. It is also representative of the "cleaving" relationship which takes place. The groom say his vows first because he is to be the leader and initiator of the covenant. (This is because marriage is a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church and Christ initiated His grace toward us by coming to the cross. We didn't think of that, He did.) The groom must be committed to God's purpose for biblical marriage. The wedding ring means it symbolises Authority -- A ring was used to seal official documents by pressing the ring in wax. Thus to wear a ring means that one is under the authority of God in his/her marriage. A woman is to be under the authority of their husband but a man is to be under the authority of God leading his family to a greater knowledge of the Lord. ...read more.


This establishes a public record of the covenant. In Genesis 31:43-55, Jacob and Laban left a pile of stones as a record of their covenant. The guests sign a guest book because they are attesting to the fact that they have witnessed the covenant and pledge their support to helping the couple continue in that covenant. Food is served at the wedding reception because one Hebrew word for covenant I believe is "to feed." Also, the best method of fellowship is a meal. Another reason is that Revelation 19:6-10 speaks of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which believers will attend in heaven. The groom and bride feed each other cake because This says, "I give you all I am. I am now becoming a part of you and you are becoming a part of me." It shows the truth of being one flesh. Rice is thrown as the couple is leaving because originally, seed was used instead of rice. This was to remind the couple that they were leaving to begin a life as a family and would raise a Godly seed to the Lord. We must never forget that procreation (or reproduction) is one of the basic commands of God for marriage. ...read more.

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