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Writing to Argue- Should the death penalty be reinstated?

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Writing to Argue- Should the death penalty be reinstated? Last week America executed their 1000th person. Should we view this as a momentous occasion or a travesty in American history? The bible states "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" but surely murder is not the answer in the 21st Century? The death penalty is barbaric, primitive and inhumane. When the word death penalty is used, it makes yelling and screaming from both sides of extremist. One side may say deterrence and the other side may say, but you can execute an innocent man. Those who want the death penalty reinstated say that it can reduce the crime rate in the UK. For example it will deter people from committing more crimes. ...read more.


Families and the general public who have lost a love one by a murderer would want to seek revenge by putting them on the death penalty. If a criminal has murdered a 5 year old girl, why shouldn't the criminal die for his misdeed? In contrast, what would it accomplish if putting someone on the death penalty? The victim is already dead, there's no way you can bring he or she back. If putting a criminal on the death row, you are killing someone who has already killed; in the end the criminal will be the victim and you are going to end up being the murderer. ...read more.


Even though a person had murdered someone, where we as a community get off killing someone? God made our lives, and he should be the only one to take it away from us. In conclusion, the death penalty is one of the most debatable in the criminal justice system. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty. In my opinion I think the death penalty should not be reinstated because there's always a chance of killing the innocence. If putting the guilty on the death penalty, what exactly would it accomplish? It will accomplish the criminal being the victim and you being the perpetrator. You are doing the same deed the criminal had done. And I agree, God made our lives and he should be the only one to take it away from us. ...read more.

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