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Year 12 RE Coursework

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Year 12 RE Coursework AO1 Explain the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples In the dictionary a disciple is defined as: 'Someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another; one who receives instruction from another; a scholar; a learner; especially one who has learned to believe in the doctrine of the teacher.' This is still an accurate description for Jesus' first disciples; they did all these things and more under considerable hardship. For his first disciples Jesus chose a variety of people, there were ordinary people from simple backgrounds, fishermen, a tax collector, a zealot and others. He chose twelve to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, which formed the centre of Judaism. The group of people he chose would not normally have got along, nor would they have been expected to. There were barriers built between them, tax collectors worked for the Romans and were scorned by other Jews, but zealots had an even more intense hatred for Romans and actively opposed their rule. Nonetheless these barriers were overcome between the disciple's, which was a microcosm of what they were setting out to teach the rest of the world, 'Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you' ~(Matt. 5:44) We know that the first disciples reacted immediately to their calling from the passage 'The Call of the First Disciples', 'Jesus said to Simon and Andrew the fishermen- "Come follow me and I will make u fishers of men," at once they left their nets and followed him. ...read more.


We can show our love to God by keeping the commandments. The greatest commandments according to Jesus are: 1) Love the lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and with all you strength 2) Love your neighbour as you love yourself. We also show our love for God through prayer where we thank and show our belief and love in God. We go on pilgrimages to spread the love of God and to show obedience and appreciation in God. In our liturgical year we celebrate special masses like at Christmas Advent, Lent and most importantly Easter. In Lent we go off something we like or pray more to try to understand some of what Jesus went through in the desert for forty days and forty nights with temptation. At Christmas we spread the love of God through giving alms. Finally we pray more at Easter to remember what Jesus did for us, give up his life. Discipleship can also be lived today in the laity were we can fulfil our priestly roles. To do this we must remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, which is remembered when we receive the Eucharist which means 'Thanksgiving' for what Jesus done for us. The priestly role of the laity also entails sacrificing time to others like praying for the sick, listening to someone's problems and organising time to fundraise for charity. Lay people can also support the priest in a parish by prayer, giving out communion and reading at mass. ...read more.


Also other associations like age concern and giving blood also show discipleship as the people giving money and blood are showing concern for each other. Kindness, love and forgiveness are the three qualities, which show people to be true disciples of God. A person who lived out a disciple's life is Mother Teresa who worked in the 'black hole' of Calcutta. This area is very poverty and disease stricken. She worked tirelessly to help these very poor people. She showed all qualities needed to be a true disciple of God. On the other hand scientific research can sometimes influence religious ideas. The 'Big-Bang' theory put out the belief that the world was created only by sheer co-incidence. Many media influences can affect the influences of the church, for example media figures are encouraging the use of artificial contraceptive which is prohibited by the Catholic Church. Also the world is now very materialistic which shows the opposite of how the first disciples lived their lives, with no material goods. Now too much emphasis is put on money and not enough on faith in God. In today's world many people lose faith when they are going through a rough patch in their lives such as a family bereavement. Finally we live in a pluralist society, which means one with many contrasting attitudes, religions and opinions, this makes many people sceptical To conclude I still believe that it is possible to be a modern day disciple as we can all follow the example of mother Teresa and others like her. By Niall Boyle 12E ...read more.

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