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You are a journalist working for the Sunday Times newspaper. Your editor has asked you to write a piece entitled 'Where did it all begin? - Explain and discuss

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You are a journalist working for the Sunday Times newspaper. Your editor has asked you to write a piece entitled 'Where did it all begin?' The aim of the article is to discuss the different views of the origin of life that exist in religious and scientific communities around the world. As a part of your task, you must comment on why people have these different views, what scientific evidence exist Sunday Times - special article of the creation of the universe... By our amazing correspondent So, where did it all begin? By 'all', I mean of course the universe and life. Who created earth and mankind? How did earth and the universe come about? Was it a huge accident - or was it a coordinated creation? There are many views on this matter, many by different religious sects and scientific communities. I didn't know where to start at first, but thought it wise to start off with a scientific review, assess its evidence, and then look at other creation beliefs of other religions. The school's astrology club seemed a suitable place to begin my search for the most logical creation story. ...read more.


Darwin's studies led him to believe that humans had evolved from lower members of the animal kingdom - the theory of evolution! So why do some people with a scientific mentality opt to believe in the 'Big Bang' theory and the theory of evolution? I believe it is because they believe that there must be a scientific solution to everything, that science is the driving power behind everything, its logical might unquestionable and correct. However, both theories do not suggest what caused evolution or the bang to happen. So how did that matter come about in the first place to cause the big bang? What created the animals for them to evolve? Religion picks up the reins, and comes up with the rescuing answer. The belief of many religious traditions is that the universe did not happen by chance, but by design; there is a power beyond the world which deliberately caused creation to take place. I asked James on how he thought the earth was created, along with mankind. James, being Christian, put across the Judeo-Christian creation story. The Judeo-Christian Bible's book of Genesis recounts a story of creation ex nihilo, or out of nothing. ...read more.


At the beginning of each kalpa (or era), there is nothing but water and darkness. As time passes, land slowly forms on the water's surface. The only living creatures are spiritual beings that were reborn at the end of the previous kalpa. Eventually, one of these being is tempted by the pleasures of earth, abandons his soul-life, and takes on the form of a man. As others follow, they begin to experience the jealousy, desire, and misery of a physical existence (this is the period in which we are living). In time, the world dissolves, returning all creatures to the soul-life and beginning the cycle once again. The immense diversity of creation stories, each as logical as the one before, has confused me further. I could not decide which one was the 'correct' creation story. One could only look at their faith and decide if they want to believe that creation story. And it is only natural that people would strive to justify their religion's creation story, for they have grown with that religion. As yet, there is no total scientific proof to asses the validity of these creation beliefs. With nothing but bamboozlement gained from this report, I have decided that these matters should be left to time to prove. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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