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'You cannot be a disciple of Jesus in the world today.'

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'You cannot be a disciple of Jesus in the world today.' Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. In my opinion - there is no reason why one cannot be a disciple of Jesus today. 'Disciple' literally translates into 'follower' and we can follow Jesus by being like him and following the Ten Commandments. ...read more.


Some people in this world, such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are proof that Jesus had a great effect on the world today. If there were no followers of Jesus in this world, then the amount of violence and crime would probably be double what it is now. Without something to believe in, something to turn to when you are in need of hope, people would turn to crime instead. ...read more.


To follow Jesus would be to follow every one around you, being friendly and considerate to them. Other people might say that you cannot be a disciple of Jesus, as he chose his disciples specifically. However this is not true. Jesus had multitudes of disciples during his time, but only twelve apostles. 'Apostle' means 'chosen one' while 'disciple' means 'follower'. Jesus chose twelve apostles and was followed by a lot of disciples. Therefore, it is possible to be a disciple of Jesus in the world today, as long as we act like Jesus did and follow the Good Lord's commandments. ...read more.

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