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'You do not need to go to a mosque to be a good Muslim'

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'You do not need to go to a mosque to be a good Muslim' Some people believe that you do not have to go to the mosque to be a good Muslim. A Muslim is someone who believes in the five pillars of Islam. This means that s/he believes in the oneness of Allah, prays Salah (five daily prayers), gives alms, fasts in the Islamic month of Ramadan and performs pilgrimage to Makkah. A good Muslim is someone who acts upon these five pillars consistently. The main purpose why Muslims go to the mosque is to perform Salah. Some might argue that Muslims do not need to pray in mosque to do this and that what is important is that they pray five daily prayers, whether this is in their own house or somewhere else. Some argue that as Muslims offer their prayers to Allah alone, and He is all knowing and all seeing, you do not need to be in a Mosque for Allah to accept your prayers. ...read more.


If a Muslim could not go to the mosque for a valid reason such as illness or when travelling, then he can pray elsewhere as long as he has the intention of worshipping only Allah. This does not make him a bad Muslim. It is true that Allah is everywhere and not only in mosques, so wherever a Muslim worship s/he's worshipping Allah. However, it was the practice of the Prophet (s) and his Sahabah's (companions) to offer prayers in congregation as this created brotherhood and love amongst each other. A good Muslim is also someone who seeks to be united with other Muslims and one who loves others. Although a congregation can be established outside a mosque, it is the mosque where most of the Muslims in the community will gather and where a bigger sense of brotherhood will be created The holy Prophet (s) ...read more.


If Muslims go to the mosque, then there will be unity and love amongst members of the mosque. A Hadith of Prophet (s) states, "You will not be believers until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love one another". Praying together in the mosque helps to create love as all are praying together and have the common aim of pleasing Allah. The Holy prophet (s) went to the mosque regularly. If a Muslim goes to the mosque then s/he can be considered a good Muslim, s/he is following the Sunnah (practice) of the Prophet (s). In a mosque there is no eating, drinking, shouting, singing and playing. It is a special place just made for purpose of worshipping Allah. Anywhere else besides a mosque, there is a lot of shouting, singing, messing around, etc, and it can be unsuitable to worship Allah in these conditions. ...read more.

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