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You need to read the bible to be a Christian

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"You need to read the bible to be a Christian. Discuss and show two points of view." This essay is going to analyse whether you need to read the bible to be Christian, by looking at two sides of the argument. Many Christians and non-Christians believe strongly that to be classed as a Christian, you must read the bible. On one hand, the bible is the only Christian holy book. It contains the Christian teachings, unchanged since they were written, which gives guidelines and advice on how Christians should live their everyday life. For example, Genesis 19v. 1-29 for on advice for sex and 2 Timothy 2:22 for advice on priorities and dealing with stress. It is also the only scripture where Jesus is included. ...read more.


The bible is also very controversial and contradicts itself on many occasions, for example the way to deal with crime or punishment. The Old Testament teaches retribution, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" yet conversely, Jesus taught reform and forgiveness, Matthew 5:40, "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." This mixed message can create confusion in deciding which teaching to follow. There is also no-where in the bible where Christians are told to read it. Reverent Porter gave me this quote, "I believe that to be Christian you must have some knowledge of the bible, however this does not have to have been learnt by way of reading, but perhaps by word of mouth. ...read more.


Another point is that by passing messages via mouth, the meaning can get lost or scrambled. Although the bible contradicts itself, the Christian religion has many branches, some that follow the teachings in the Old Testament and some that follow the New Testament. I strongly agree with Rev. Porter with his comment on Christianity around the world, where people are unable to acquire bibles and have no choice but to learn the parables by ear, yet they are just as strong Christian as any other who has had the opportunity to read one. This also applies to people who can't read the bible for medical reasons. So to conclude I believe that you do not have to read the bible to be a Christian. By Rachel Frith 10 DWS ...read more.

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