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Your Majesty, I request an elimination of Francisco Pizarro from this sacred and holy mission.

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Your Majesty, I, Miguel Estete, your humble servant, am writing this letter to report on the various issues that have arisen since we left our well-governed country. I am to report on Francisco Pizarro, our inept and ineffectual leader, the vicious inhabitants that we have encountered, and the progress of our expedition. Your Highness may find this advice to be quite astounding, but I request an elimination of Francisco Pizarro from this sacred and holy mission. My reasons being his foolhardy ideas and disrespectful attitude towards your Excellency. Evidently, his unacceptable manner disgraces not only your name. He has absolutely no respect for respected figures, and has proved this so by, as I was enquiring about his fragile state as way of a passing comment, he foolishly stated that your highness is wicked, his exact words being "If it's wickedness I'm sure the crown can guess it as soon as the Army". Indeed, you must not let such a sly, deceiving man take charge of such an honourable mission. Why, he even considers himself above representatives of the king and that he need not wait for them when it comes to important ceremonial procedures, for example, when our weapons were being blessed. ...read more.


For one thing, they refer to the sun as their supreme and omnipotent god! By worshipping such an object shames our beloved Christ and we will put a stop to these blasphemous acts at once. Would you believe that these pagans worship the sun, and have even christened it "Inca"? They call him the son of the sun itself, and this is proof of their idolatry and wrong doings. It is well known that they make huge sacrifices of resources such as cattle to this blood thirsty god! There are quite a few things that have let us down, the first being that we are only a hundred or so men whereas these savages outnumber us completely. My dear lord, if I was in such a position that Pizarro is in now; I would have never made such a mistake, for a conquest would not be so without a large army. It would do us all good if you were to replace Pizarro with myself, and put me in charge of this holy mission. Our mission has not necessarily been changed, but it has slowed down immensely due to our hopeless leader. ...read more.


I once heard him say "Army loyalty is blasphemy. The world of soldiers is a yard of ungrowable children. They play with ribbons and make up ceremonies just to keep out the rest of the world." This should be taken seriously, and I hope that Martin doesn't take after Pizarro's vile ways. Finally, I wish to express my views on Pizarro's strategy. It is poor and extremely inadequate. He wishes to go forth with an utter lack of planning which could cost us many men his strategy being utterly hopeless. I do hope that your highness will not accuse me of boasting, but I am sure that my experience in this field would be much better than Pizarro's difficult and wrong ways. He considers his plans to be the best, yet I am sure our plans will go astray if Pizarro did organise them, however poorly they may be. I wish to say that unlike some I know, I may be your most faithful through this holy mission, and the suggestions above may be of good use if our plans are to progress. In our Lord's name, I end this letter Your faithful and honourable servant Miguel Estete By Pooja Ramchandani 10M Ms Gower English ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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