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Your religion is personal to you and although you may have interests in other religious views it does not mean that you accept them - Everyone can choose what is right for them.

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AO3 People who are not Christian have their own beliefs about life. Your religion is personal to you and although you may have interests in other religious views it does not mean that you accept them. Everyone can choose what is right for them. People shouldn't try and make others accept their point of view because others have very different opinions on the subject. If someone has personal views about the subject but does not want to share them with you, you must not force them as they have the freedom to decide whether they disclose their views or not. People may just feel that your opinion isn't the one they agree with and they have another opinion that they think is better or they may disagree with you totally. ...read more.


Christian people are told to go out and proclaim the good news by telling everyone about Jesus. So in a way they are obliged to tell people about Jesus, his teachings and God. Everyone has the right to express their views even if people don't agree with them. People have the right to stand up and tell everyone what they believe so just because you and I don't believe in what they are saying, doesn't mean that it is wrong. If everyone knows other people's views they get a better idea of their religion and how their faith is based. You can see how they get their opinions and why they believe it. ...read more.


Some people when they have an opinion won't listen to another point of view. I would like to get people with different opinions to listen to each others views. I wouldn't want anyone to use their religion as an excuse not to take part in a discussion and I would welcome everyone's views to find out more about each other. I would like to put my views across but not necessarily make others accept them but just to listen and to hear my views. I wouldn't want people not to listen because people really believe these views. I think the stronger side of the argument is getting people to listen but not necessarily accept your views because you find out about other people's views and they find out about yours. By Claire Conlon ...read more.

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