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A history of New Zealand Rugby.

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Rugby was now being formally organised into various clubs and unions around New Zealand. There were many other Unions to follow but it wasn't until 1882 that the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) was formed. Basically their purpose was to administer matches at national level. Finally, New Zealand was intrudced onto the international scene when a New South Wales team toured both the North and the South Islands. In 1884 the first New Zealand team to travel overseas to play rugby toured New South Wales, they wore a blue jersey and a gold fern (New Zealands emblem). They won every game they played on the tour, they were the beginning of a legend. The first British team to play in New Zealand was sent over in 1888, and the New Zealand team carried out the longest tour ever in 1888-89. Although there were a few New Zealand teams that had already travelled overseas, the very first official team of the NZRFU was to be sent to Australia to play a 10 game series. ...read more.


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