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A Loving Heart - review.

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A LOVING HEART A Loving Heart is a story about a young boy whose name was Nejmi who won the prize and title of being The Most loving Heart in his village. He was the youngest and smallest of all the competitors. He did not succeed at any of the tasks he set out to do. He tried all he could but in the end he had accomplish all and more than what he had thought of in the beginning Nejmi was an ordinary boy who was the youngest of his siblings. He was always taken advantage of or taken for granted by others because of his size. ...read more.


Nejmi attitude was neutral because he was able to change for each situation' for example when Mama Sal wanted to talk but he wanted to finish weed but he listened to her talk instead. The qualities that the writer gave Nejmi were to make him bravery and courage. He was the only child remaining in the competition after all the other children had dropped out of the competition. The writer gave him much determination' in spite of his size, he was going to stay in the race even if he failed at everything he set out to do. The writer made Nejmi kindhearted caring and understanding. ...read more.


He was thus recognized as this because he gave what was needed and not what he needed to give. In this story I learned that not everything was made for everybody and that sometime very the simple things can make me a hero in the eyes of many. By reading the story I took note and realized that not all things come in big packages. In this story, Nejmi was small and young on the outside but his big heart and kindness stood out above all of that. This story also taught me that although I might have failed physically at helping someone but I might have touched their lives physically and emotionally in such a way that it brought healing and happiness ...read more.

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