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A Magickal Forest

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The sun is high above me and I walk into the forest in front of me, which I hear calling me. I hear birds chirping and twittering, singing a song. This makes me wonder about birds and where their songs come from. How ancient the song I am hearing really is. As I take a step into the forest, I notice at first the trees, stretching high above the ground, as if in competition with one another, to see who will reach the sky first. Their roots are long and strong, going deep under the ground, indicating that they have lived in the area for a long time, for centuries. As I look up, I notice first their leaves. Although they are green, they have a tinge of gold reflected in the sun making them bright and radiating their light around the forest. Looking down the tree, in the day of the forest, I can see a faint glow. I see that the colour of their thick, soft trunks is different from the common tree. ...read more.


It leaves me feeling heavenly and in high spirits. I walk through the forest, with golden leaves falling to the ground. The feeling that the forest fills me with is pure ecstasy and a sensation of desire. There, cutting through the trees, is a river. Its water is clear and fresh. The colour is clear blue with a hint of purple. The pebbles at the bottom sparkle as they catch the suns beams. I put my hand into the water and I feel a shiver go down my back from the coldness. Having gotten used to the cold, I take a handful of water and drink it. As the water trickles down my throat, I feel the chill of the water spread down my throat and fill my body. The water makes my body tingle and feel light. It leaves me warm and pleased. As the day fades away and night seeps in, the forest is equally stunning. The moon, coming out from behind the clouds, shows its full self. In between the trees, you can see the moons beams entering the forest. ...read more.


Half eagle, half lion. Gazing around I saw many other remarkable creatures. I glance then, into the water. Looking into the water I feel a force of love. Animal love, that which makes all beings live and be in peace. Sending out the strength of love to enfold you. A love that will last within your heart and make you experience even the devils love. The whole feel of the changes in the forest and what I saw and smelt makes the experience rare and unique, and heavenly to feel. The taste that is left in your mouth from a fruit off one of those trees is sweet and warms up your insides leaving you happy and content. It fills you up and is a good replacement for both food and drink. If you walk into the forest in distress, you walk out of the forest in peace. As you enter the forest, you enter a morning of gold. As the night embraces the forest, you see a night of silver. That is where I wish to go. There, where all living beings are in peace and provide love for each other, like the stars that shine vibrantly in the sky, cheerful and welcoming. ...read more.

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