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Aircraft power plant

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Aircraft power plant Introduction For this assignment I have been asked to design my own aircraft power plant, which is a sub or super sonic jet engine. I will include all the individual components that are incorporated in the system, stating reasons why I have selected them. I will also state which fuel tanks I would use where they will be placed and why I have place them there, how they are constructed and any protective treatments that I may choose to apply. I will be describing the type of fuel that will be used in the system and why it will be used. Work plan Monday Start assignment in rough Complete by Tuesday Completed Monday Tuesday Check assignment and start to word process Complete by Wednesday Completed Monday Wednesday Finish word processing check and print Complete by Friday Completed Monday Intake Compressor Combustion Turbine Exhaust = High pressure air = Hot gases Dave Janney Page 1 5/2/2007 Description of components Supersonic convergent / divergent (intake) ...read more.


Advantages - low frontal area No limit to number of stages used Disadvantages - pressure ratio only 1.25:1 High cost High weight Complicated design Turbo annular (combustion chamber)- mixes the fuel/air mixture and allows combustion to take place. Similar in design to the multi-can and the annular combustion chambers. It has common air-cooling and two multi flame tubes. It is similar to the other two because it has many flame tubes but is also embodied in a common air-cooling. Turbine - connected to and drives the compressor. As the hot gasses pass through the turbine it makes the nozzle guide vanes, which are hollow for cooling, spin turning the turbine. As the turbine and the compressor is linked this in turn spins the compressor. The turbine wheel is forged. Because the turbine and the compressor are linked the turbine must exactly match the characteristics of the compressor otherwise the vibration caused would make the compressor and the turbine blades shatter. ...read more.


I have chosen the turbo annular combustion chamber because it incorporates the best features of the multi-can and annular combustion chambers so I feel this would be the most efficient combustion chamber. I have chosen the convergent/divergent propelling nozzle because this is the only type of propelling nozzle available to supersonic aircraft. Fuel tanks I have decided to place a fuel tank inside each of the wings which will be constructed as an integral tanks with baffle plates within each wing tank area. I will also have an integral fuel tank inside the fuselage which will be positioned just to the aft of the cockpit, this is because it is close to the centre of gravity so the effects of a full fuel load wont be overpowering. No protective treatments will be required on these fuel tanks. The fuel of my choice would be AVTUR because this is relatively safe to handle it also works out cheaper than AVTAG due to the current U.K taxation laws. ...read more.

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