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All hope was thought to be lost, but was it…

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Emma Crane 10.NJ Original Writing Coursework All hope was thought to be lost, but was it... From the moment my baby was born, we all knew that there was something seriously wrong with her. My daughter Tamara would spend hours in hospital having tests. Keith and I just had to sit there, not knowing what was happening. We both used to wish that the doctors would find out what was wrong with Tamara. We just wanted it to be over. She was very weak and was having breathing difficulties. Tamara was our first and only child. We had been trying for so long. When I found out I was pregnant, Keith and I decided that it would be a good time to make a clean break. At this time Keith was unemployed, and I was hardly on top of things. But we managed to change all of that. We found Keith a job working at 'BABIES R US'. Which wasn't only useful for his wages, he could get 20% off as staff discount. ...read more.


It seemed like it would be impossible for us to ever find one. It sounds awful but we were basically sitting there waiting for the right person to die. Tamara was still too young to really understand. She knew that there was something wrong with her heart, but she didn't know a lot else. We didn't know if the right heart would ever become available. Over the years she started to get weaker and weaker. But when she was 12, her doctor gave us some good news. They had found a well known heart specialist who had agreed to help treat Tamara. It took a bit of the worry away knowing that she was in good hands. But we were still waiting for the right donor to come along. We watched over her as she started to grow up. She used to ask me why she was not normal like everyone else? She hated forever being ill and not being able to do anything that her friends did. We were so worried about her because if a heart did turn up she had to be healthy enough to have it straight away. ...read more.


Later that night, after a 5-hour operation she was brought up to intensive care. At last she had her heart that we had waited so long for. She was still really sick though. She stayed in intensive care for 42 days drifting in and out of consciousness. We all stood around waiting for the signs that her body had accepted the boy's heart, and they did start to appear. Soon after, we found ourselves at home. The danger still wasn't over. I had to clean the whole house every day in case Tamara caught an infection, which could still make her body reject the heart. It was difficult but I knew I had to do it for Tamara. Gradually we seemed to get back to being a normal family. Tamara would say we were better than normal. The doctors won't be sure if she is completely recovered for about five years. She still has to take lots of medication but at least she's getting stronger. Sometimes we even forget that there is something wrong with her. We have recently joined a charity, which helps to put across to people why they should donate their organs. We are so grateful to the doctors who helped to save Tamara's life and the little boy's parents. ...read more.

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